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Best destination for this fall
The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, in other words: time to take a break this fall and book a nice holiday. But where should you go if you want to go on holiday in the fall? Below you will find an...
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Best destination for this winter
Do you also dream away at pearly white beaches, tropical jungles and the most delicious culinary dishes? Or do you enjoy the winter to the fullest and secretly dream of a white Christmas? In the winter months you can enjoy th...
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Top 5 destinations for this summer
When traveling to far destinations, you often need to survive long-haul flights. Crampy seats with not enough leg space make it harder to enjoy your destination the first days. And what about the limit of luggage you can brin...
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First Class with Emirates
Emirates is the flag carrier of Dubai and has been in the top five of the best airlines in the world for many years. Emirates is especially renowned for its high service level on board the aircraft and the competitive ticket...
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Top 5 Air Lines for Business Class
Business class travel is a luxury trip with all the comforts. You can forget about noisy neighbors, uncomfortable chairs and the inability to stretch your legs. Let's take a look at 5 airlines ranked as the best business clas...
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Best Destination in Europe while flying Business Class
The coolest thing about traveling in Europe? The fact that there is an enormous concentration of different cultures and nature on such a relatively small continent. Within a few hours you end up in a neighboring country where...
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Differences between Business Class and First Class
You may not always notice it, but when you book a plane ticket, you can choose from different travel classes. If you want to treat yourself to more luxury than you get in the standard economy class, choose the business class....
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A romantic citytrip to Vienna
One of the most romantic cities in Europe is definitely Vienna. The city has its own charm and especially around Christmas the city is beautifully decorated. But you can also book a romantic weekend away in Vienna outside Chr...
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A romantic citytrip to Venice
Romantic. Mysterious. enchanting. In Venice, history splashes across the facades, and gondoliers sing about lost love. Stroll along through small streets, over world-famous bridges, and along idyllic canals. Whether it is for...
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Spend a romantic holiday in Rome
Paris is of course very romantic, but Rome is the city of love. If you reverse the letters of the Italian Roma, you get Amor or love. Anyone who believes in love will agree, this cannot be a coincidence. When you see the coup...
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Traveling for business to Geneva
Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland after Zurich. The city is best known for being home to one of the United Nations headquarters and for the nuclear research institute CERN. But there is also an impressive numbe...
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Spend a romantic weekend in Prague
Prague is a beautiful city with an old city center. With picturesque streets, beautiful squares, and attractive prices, it has been one of the favorite cities for a romantic weekend away for years. It is time to book your che...
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Traveling for business to Madrid
Madrid is the capital of Spain and also the largest city in the country. There is, therefore, a lot to see and do in the city and you can easily spend a few weeks there without getting bored. Madrid is brimming with history,...
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Traveling for business to Barcelona
Barcelona borders the Mediterranean Sea to the east and the Serra De Collserola Mountains to the west. More than 30 million visitors find their way to the city every year. The capital of the Catalan region is popular with tou...
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Traveling for business to London
London is a booming business: the city has been the most popular destination among business travelers for years. The countless international companies, conference facilities, and the many travel options to London make the Bri...
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Romantic getaway to Budapest
The capital of Hungary has been scoring high for many years when it comes to romantic city trip destinations. Why? It is cheap, easily accessible, and extremely rich in culture and history. In fact, the entire city is include...
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On business trip to Munich
This popular German city is rich in history and culture. The capital of Bavaria is widely known for its architecture, culture, and Oktoberfest. Read our tips on the best restaurants for business lunches, coworking spaces, and...
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Paris, city of love
Paris might well be the ultimate destination for a honeymoon. World-renowned as the City of Love, Paris has a romantic vibe in every season. Maybe you have booked a trip to Paris for a romantic getaway, or maybe you have chos...
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Zurich, a beautiful city surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps
Zurich is beautiful. This town with its medieval churches and winding cobbled streets is situated on the shore of a clear blue lake and is framed by the impressive snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps. The city has a reputatio...
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Frankfurt, a mix of business and relax
Traveling to Frankfurt for business or looking for a quick getaway? Frankfurt is the ultimate destination to soak up the culture, go on an adventure, or just relax. For a relaxing or working holiday, book your one-way busines...
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How you can fly first class as a simple traveler
In this article, explains how you can fly first class as a simple traveler. Stay with Iflyfirstclass and learn curiosities and interesting facts regarding the first class flights.
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This is what flying first class looks like with 10 different airlines
If you like luxury experiences then you definitely should check our Top-10 First Class picks. Iflyfirstclass offers you the best of the best in the air.
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This is how you book cheaper business class flight tickets
Discover more about the benefits of great prices on business class tickets. Save thousands on Business Class tickets. Best deals on Business Class.
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Best spring destination 2022
IFlyFirstClass today announced its picks for the best destinations spring destinations for 2022. Enjoy your holidays and learn the history of the most popular places with IFlyFirstClass.
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