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Last Minute Flights to Sweden

Gorgeous palaces and shining glass towers fill the pristine Nordic country of Sweden. Travel to welcoming Sweden in the ultimate splendor of IFlyFirstClass' discount business class flights and first class tickets. You'll save as much as 60 percent on premium airfare and enjoy all of the luxurious amenities of business and first class flights to Sweden.

Scandinavian Beauty Fills Sweden

Fascinating cities and rich heritage sites are scattered throughout beautiful Sweden, many of which highlight the country's Viking history. Last Minute Flights to Sweden. Following the scattered Ingvar Runestones, commemorating Ingvar the Far-Traveled's final trek to Serkland, is a delightful way to see the country and learn about its varied history. 

Aside from trekking through the countryside, Sweden's cities are welcoming, enchanting places to explore. Stockholm, Sweden's largest city, is acclaimed for its unique archipelago and overall beauty. In Old Town, visitors revel in the grandeur of the Royal Palace, the medieval Riddarholmskyrkan church, the Stockholm Cathedral and several museums, including the Nobel Museum. The archipelago is home to 24,000 islands featuring remarkable forests, brilliant beaches, old silver mines and chic beach resorts.

Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city, offers a picturesque, thriving port and a cosmopolitan flair. Famous music festivals, magnificent sporting tournaments and a famed Christmas celebration are just a few of the city's many cultural events. Take a thrill ride at Scandinavia's largest theme park, explore the 17th century Skansen Kronan tower and board The Blue Train tour through the Volvo factory.

Churches and spectacular lakes fill the appealing town of Jönköping. Vättern, the second largest lake in Sweden, showcases fun-filled beaches and glorious views. Stroll along the city's vibrant harbor pier, browse through several museums and explore the "rosarium" park filled with thousands of rose varieties. 

On Gotland, Sweden's largest island, visitors revel in the history of Visby's Cathedral, old 13th century city wall containing three main gates and 36 towers and the ruins of seven churches. In addition to Visby's ruins, the island houses more than 90 medieval churches, the nearby Stora Karlsö nature preserve and amazing rock formations along the coastline.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Traveling in unrivaled luxury with first class tickets or spacious business class flights helps you arrive in Sweden rested, relaxed and ready to explore. As a premium passenger, you enjoy access to reserved airport lounges filled with food, beverages, comfortable lounging areas, business services, spa and salon treatments and private slumber areas. On board your flight, you relax in private over-sized seating, pass the time with personal on-demand entertainment systems and dine on fresh dishes designed by world-renowned chefs. 

IFlyFirstClass is dedicated to providing the very best prices available on premium airfare to Europe. With discounts as high as 60 percent on published fares, you'll save thousands of dollars on your luxurious flight while enjoying all of the full-price services. At IFlyFirstClass, relaxing business class flights and discount first class tickets make your journey to Sweden even more pleasurable.

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