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Cheap Last Minute Business class Flights to Berlin

Berlin flourishes with enchanting architecture, poignant memorials and exhilarating activities. Travel to the German capital in sumptuous splendor with reduced last minute first class fares, business class tickets and advance first class flights from IFlyFirstClass. Thousands of dollars less than published premium airfare, your luxury flights will deliver you to beautiful Berlin feeling as rested and relaxed as possible.

Berlin is a Study in Triumph and Peace

Once separated by the Cold War-era Berlin Wall, today's unified Berlin abounds with robust industries, a world-leading economic center, appealing cultural activities and plentiful recreation. Sprawling Berlin's history is gorgeously told through its many buildings, which bear the marks of each successive regime. 

Many of the city's most magnificent buildings are located in the Mitte area, offering a unique glimpse at the city's history. Revel in the triumphant spirit felt at Brandenburg Gate, one of the city's most iconic symbols of victory and reunification. Tour the fabulous cathedral Berliner Dom, known for its three domes and pleasing mix of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque styles. Enjoy remarkable city views and a glimpse of parliament at the Reichstag building. The site of proclaimed German reunification in 1990, the Reichstag features a glass-enclosed dome with walkways all around.

Remnants of the Berlin Wall itself offer some of Berlin's most captivating experiences. Stark and austere, the Berlin Wall Memorial honors Germans who died while trying to cross between East Berlin and West Berlin, and it gives visitors a sense of the hopelessness many locals felt in trying to connect with the forbidden "other side." Checkpoint Charlie Museum, East Side Gallery and other fragments of the gate also offer interesting views of life before, during and after the city's division.

Fascinating museums fill the city, giving visitors a chance to explore history and life in Berlin. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is a moving exploration of Nazi concentration camps, and the Stasi Museum presents the experience of living in East Berlin during Communist reign. 

Other, more traditional museums are found on the enticing Museum Island, at the heart of the historic Mitte section.

  • The Pergamon,
  • Bode,
  • Altes
  • Neues museums

fill Museum Island with exhibits of Egyptian and Byzantine artifacts, fine German paintings, brilliant sculptures and prehistoric finds.

Aside from the city's rich heritage sites, Berlin's tranquil parks, exciting shopping centers and two compelling zoos create even more avenues of entertainment. Several theaters, opera houses, concert halls and sporting venues round out the city's entertaining appeal.

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Whether you need last minute first class fares, advance first class flights or business class tickets, you'll enjoy the remarkable luxury at discount prices. Exclusive entry to choice airport lounges, gourmet meals, spacious in-flight seats, personal entertainment systems and gracious attendants create a relaxing journey to Berlin.

Our travel professionals excel at providing superior service and the very best prices available on business class tickets and first class flights so that you can fully relish the grandeur of Berlin.

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