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Cheap Zurich Business class flights

Experience sophisticated Zurich, with its Limmat River cruises, appealing museums, savvy financial markets and rousing nightlife. Your journey to Zurich can be just as pleasurable as touring the city when you select the incredible deals on first class seats and business class fares offered by IFlyFirstClass. You'll save thousands on premium airfare while enjoying all of its full-price benefits.

Bask in the Cosmopolitan Ambiance of Zurich

Zurich is a shining, world-class city with a robust financial center and a host of major international banks and research centers. One of the most wealthy cities in Europe, Zurich excels at indulgence. From amazing gastronomy to stunning fashion, all of your senses will be satisfied in Zurich. The city's acclaimed culinary scene offers more than 1,500 restaurants and countless fine chocolate shops. Furs, diamonds, apparel and more fine chocolate are displayed in the exclusive Bahnhofstrasse area. Visitors also delight in upscale lodging, numerous museums and trendy art galleries. 

The heart and tradition of Zurich is found in Old Town, also known as Alstadt. Quaint streets entice visitors to wander, relishing the Swiss atmosphere and discovering hidden gems. Alstadt streets are paved with worn cobblestones. Charming original guild signs grace the doorways of Alstadt's buildings. Gorgeous Grossmunster church showcases spectacular Romanesque architecture, including grand carved portals, statuary reliefs and the church's iconic two towers. Equally magnificent Fraumünster and St. Peter Church are also located in the Old Town district.

Many of Zurich's most celebrated crafts and industries are detailed in the city's museums.

The Beyer Watch Museum, the Jacob Coffee Museum, Circus Museum Rapperswil, MoneyMuseum, Zurich Toy Museum and Tram-Museum Zurich offer insight into Zurich's innovative and creative endeavors.

Exploring Zurich isn't just a spectator sport, though, as the city presents ample opportunities for active recreation and sport. Switzerland's stellar ski slopes are just a short train ride away, featuring plenty of beginner and advanced slopes for every level of thrill-seeker. Ride the Polybahn funicular up an exciting, steep hill for terrific views, or hike up to Uetliberg for amazing vistas of Lake Zurich.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Travel in world-class style with affordable business class fares and first class seats. As a luxury passenger, you'll appreciate the lavish amenities at exclusive airport lounges, from delicious dishes and carefully appointed wine bars to shower suites and entertainment areas. In the air, you'll enjoy private, over-sized seats that recline to a variety of comfortable positions. Other benefits usually include luscious bedding, dishes created by world-renowned chefs, free-flowing champagne and cocktails and designer amenity kits.

The travel professionals at IFlyFirstClass offer superior service and are uniquely skilled at finding the very best prices possible on premium fares. With IFlyFirstClass, you can indulge in the luxury you deserve so that you can create an unforgettable trip to Zurich. It's easy to save thousands of dollars on first class seats and business class fares with IFlyFirstClass.

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