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First Class & Business Class Flights To Hungary. Save Thousands on Your Last minute deals.

Why Visit Hungary?

Who would not want to visit a country with over 1,000 natural hot springs? This sports-mad country is especially good at water polo and there is a national love affair with all things equestrian.

On the other hand, they are also crazy about confectionery and there are countless small businesses in the field that have been run by the same families for many generations, if not centuries. This landlocked nation also boasts an impressive array of neoclassical and medieval architecture to delight sightseers.

Must-See Cities in Hungary

Budapest – This is an amalgamation of two names – Buda and Pest – and refers to the two sides of the Danube River which runs between them. Budapest is the national capital and home to 118 mineral baths. The Budapest History Museum showcases artifacts dating back to the Roman era. The Dohany Street Synagogue Museum and St. Stephen’s Basilica are definitely worth a visit.

Szeged – The Szeged Open Air Festival was first held in 1931 and continues to be celebrated every May. The double spires of the Votive Church, the Ferenc Mora Museum and 330-year old Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church are a great example of the diversity of Hungary’s architecture as well as historical monuments in their own right.

Eger – Eger was one of the last bastions of the Turks before they were driven out of Europe. Now, the only remnant of that time is a single minaret while the castle of Eger which defended against the invasion. The castle is a well-maintained medieval fortress with an attached history museum.

Flight Characteristics

First class and business class travelers know that there is a world of difference between flying premium class and flying coach.

The better, wider and more comfortable seating is just a small part of the experience - there are also the small touches of attention to detail that make for a truly special experience.

Gold-plated finishing on fittings, the personalized in-flight service where the flight attendants know your name, and complimentary amenities kits designed by renowned fashion houses just add to the mix. The best airlines even offer enclosed suites in first class, where you have a room to yourself for complete privacy.

With the promise of experiences like that, why would you want to deny yourself the pleasure?

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

I Fly First Class is not simply a travel concierge – we are a highly-specialized team that is able to make your travel dreams come true. Not only is I Fly First Class able to source the most difficult tickets in the shortest time, we also regularly find seats for our clients on flights that are marked as sold out.

The other aspect of our service lies in offering the very best first class and business class ticket prices to our clients. If you want to book air travel in style but without going over your budget, speak to us and discover why we are so popular.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

When you use I Fly First Class, you do not even have to find tickets yourself – we do it all for you. You simply communicate your requirements to us via one of three channels:

I Fly First Class does all the research, finds the cheapest air ticket prices and delivers them right to you. If you change your mind, we will simply repeat the process until you are happy.

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