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Why Visit Qatar

Qatar rises out of the desert, transformed over the past decades by uncountable billions in oil revenue. The nation has adopted an approach akin to many of its gulf neighbours of using that revenue to transform itself from an arid, largely featureless expanse of land into a diversified economy built around travel and tourism.

It has welcomed international talent and businesses to diversify its own people as well as its economy. Today, Qatar stands as one of the shining examples in the Middle East of a nation that has loosened its grip on a monotonous past to embrace technology, cultures and a more modern outlook on life.

A visit to Qatar will give you the opportunity to see how the past has shaped the desert nation and how the present its shaping its exciting future.

Must-see Cities in Qatar

Qatar is still a developing nation and there are not that many metropolises rising out of the sand dunes… yet. For the traveller, there are two that have to be part of the Qatari experience – Doha and Al Khor.

Doha – Doha is the capital city and where the bulk of the modernisation of Qatar has taken place.

Perhaps one of the best-known links Qatar has with the rest of the world is through T.E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia. The Weaponry Museum has in its collection a ceremonial dagger that belonged to him, besides many other arms and pieces of armour, some dating back to the 1500s.

MIA Park is a lush oasis of green in the desert turned into steel desert that is Doha. Just along the Doha waterfront, it houses sculptures by international artists and also hosts a monthly bazaar that is well worth a look.

Qatari culture is famous for its use of falcons for hunting. The Falcon Souk (traditional market) allows visitors to catch an up-close and personal glimpse at these majestic birds and their graceful, if somewhat scary, presence.

Al Khor - this city played a critical part in Qatar's development due to its proximity to the oil and natural gas fields nearby. The Al-Sultan is an opulent palace that has been turned into a hotel.

Al-Khor is home to one of the country's largest parks - 240,000 sq. metres in all. Purple Island lies just offshore and is connected to the mainland by a narrow track. It is regarded an important ecotourism destination in Qatar.

Flight Characteristics

Qatar Airways is the only airline that provides nonstop flights between the United States and Qatar:

  • It operates two daily direct flights from New York's JFK Airport to Doha, one that departs at 11:15 a.m. and the other that leaves at 10:00 p.m.
  • The flight cruises at a speed of 552 mph at an altitude of 11,280 m.
  • Both flights have a duration of 12 hours 15 minutes.
  • These flights are usually delayed by less than an hour at both departure and arrival.
  • Travelers have the option of two variations of the business class seat - Business Value and Business Flexi - which offer different privileges.
  • There are lie-flat seats and the international cabin crew has developed a reputation for exceedingly attentive service. 

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