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Why Visit Indonesia?

Sprawling across Southeast Asia, Indonesia is a vast nation with innumerable unique experiences waiting to be discovered. While most people associate only the island of Bali with tourism in Indonesia, the country has a wealth of culture, history and natural wonders for a traveler to get lost in.

The name 'Indonesia' originates from 'India' and alludes to the influence from the subcontinent that shaped much of Indonesia's history and culture, and continues to make its presence felt today in everyday life, traditions and the arts.

Some of Indonesia's most important and famous tourist attractions are remnants of this heritage - Central Java's Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist complex, and UNESCO World Heritage-listed Prambanan Temple are ideal examples.

Indonesia's capacity to absorb a myriad of influences has created a diverse cuisine that runs the gamut of palates. Many dishes that are basically the same and even have the same name can vary significantly, depending on where in Indonesia you sample it, as locals swap ingredients for what is most readily available.

The waters off Indonesia are home to a vast variety of marine life. Scattered across them are pristine dive sites famous the world over for the ethereal window they give of life beneath the waves. If you prefer your action on the waves instead, Indonesia boasts some of Asia's best surfing crests, too.

If wildlife is your thing, unique experiences await you in Indonesia - come face to face with orangutans on Borneo's Kalimantan state and Komodo Dragons on the island of Komodo.

Indonesia is home to 150 volcanoes, the most famous being Mt. Bromo.

Must See Cities in Indonesia

Being so vast, Indonesia has a number of cities that should be on your list to fully understand the diverse nation. Here are a few of the best.

The only Hindu area in the majority-muslim nation, Bali has retained much of its ancient Indian heritage that it shares with the world today. Some of the world’s most beautiful Hindu temples live on in Bali. Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot are perfect examples, built on and near the water to add spectacular views to your spiritual journey.

Across, in Chinatown, the beautiful Sam Poo Kong temple dating to the 1400s is a perennial tourist draw. The Great Mosque and Dome Church Blenduk round off the religious diversity here.

  • Bali – technically, Bali is an island, we know. However, there is so much jam-packed into this small area that it earned a place here.
  • Semarang - set on the north coast of Java island, Semarang offers a glimpse back into Indonesia's Dutch colonial heritage. The Dutch East India Company's headquarters was in the massive building complex of Lawang Sewu.
  • Yogyakarta - also on Java, Yogyakarta is world-renowned for the Borobudur temple complex and the Prambanan Temple grounds. Visit them and be amazed at how people's beliefs inspired them to create wonderful monuments to their faith using ancient technology.
  • Jakarta – the nation’s capital is home to the Indonesian National Museum (a natural history museum) and the Wayang Museum (which focuses on puppets and dolls used in traditional storytelling).

Flight Characteristics

The U.S. to Indonesia journey is a long one and there are no direct flights available. Many carriers offer a single-stop journey that helps to break up the journey which takes just over 22 hours.

Qatar Airways flies from New York to Jakarta with a layover at their base in Doha. From Los Angeles, the shortest flight is operated by American Airlines. It takes 21 hours and has a layover at Japan's Narita Airport.

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