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Discounted Business & First Class Flight To Cairo

Frenetic, cosmopolitan and teeming with people, Cairo is a cultivated city with deep links to its fascinating past. Journey to the "City of a Thousand Minarets" in the ultimate grandeur of IFlyFirstClass' discount first class fares and business class flights. You'll save thousands of dollars on premium airfare while enjoying all of the fabulous amenities of first or business class seats.

Big City Fervor Meets Ancient Pyramids

The heart of Cairo is at Midan El Tahrir, home to the popular gathering spot of Tahrir Square and most of the city's upscale hotels. In the midst of all the modern facilities at Midan El Tahrir is one of Egypt's most treasured jewels, the world-renowned Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. With one of the world's largest collections of pharaonic artifacts, you'll delight in the gleaming gold King Tutankhamun mask and other items found in his tomb as well as countless chests, vases, weapons, mummies and relics from the Old, Middle and Modern kingdoms of early Egypt. 

The city's rich historical and heritage sites are spread throughout the vast city. Medieval structures, treasured landmarks and old religious buildings present insight into Egyptian lives through the ages. Many of the city's most compelling architecture is found in Old Cairo, the home of the city's Coptic Christian community. Wander the old city's narrow, winding alleys to walk in the footsteps of some of the earliest Christians.

You should to explore:

  • the 7th century Hanging Church,
  • St. Sergius Church,
  • the Roman Fortress Towers of Babylon,
  • St. George's Church and Monastery,
  • the ancient mosque Amr ibn al-As.

Relish the majesty of Abdeen Palace, often considered to be one of the grandest palaces in the world for its magnificent decor.

Ascend Cairo Tower for spectacular views of the city and nearby Giza pyramids. Revel in the history and splendor of the Mohamed Ali Pasha Citadel and Mosque in Islamic Cairo. 

While in Cairo, experience local foods, art and crafts at Khan el-Khalili, the traditional bazaar. Cruise the Nile in a traditional felucca, roam the wildlife exhibits at the Cairo Zoo or enjoy a sheesha water pipe.

Of course, Cairo's most famous sites are actually to the city's west in Giza. The Sphinx; the pyramids of Khufu, Menkaure and Khafre and several queen's pyramids offer a captivating look at life in the Old Kingdom. By 2015, Giza will also be home to the new Grand Museum of Egypt, planned to be the world's largest archeological museum.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Make the long flight to Cairo as restful as possible with the impressive luxury of business class flights and first class fares. You'll enjoy deluxe airport lounges, expedited airport queues and unparalleled in-flight comforts designed to cater to your every need. 

Our skilled travel professionals excel at providing stellar service and the very best possible prices on premium airfare. With IFlyFirstClass, your first class fares or business class flights deliver you to Cairo feeling rested and eager to tour all of Cairo's abundant treasures.

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