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Thank you for your request!

Unfortunately we don’t do domestic flights.

But let us know next time you travel internationally and we will be happy to help!

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I Fly First Class is your personal travel concierge. We're at your service 24/7 to meet all your travel needs. Our professional staff is dedicated to saving you time and money.

We'll sort out even the most complex travel itineraries in minutes, getting you the best but least costly business class airfares. Our business flight booking division is always at your service!


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Our tickets offer a Trip Protection to protect your travel investment and come with the most flexible fare rules.

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Richard R.
Our return flights with Lufthansa between Boston and Berlin were terrific. Thank you for your help
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Orville B.
My flight got cancelled! My travel agent wasn't much help. They wanted to put me on a slower flight with layovers AND charge me more! Luckily, my friend told me about iflyfirstclass. Their agent, Dan, was awesome!
shopper-approved-img stars-img


Bernice Roginsky
NY, United States
I used I Fly First Class for the first time and was wowed by the experience. The customer service I received was great. I received the tickets right on time, and every potential pitfall was avoided. This was the smoothest trip I've ever gone on. You should try out I Fly First Class too!
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Joanne S.
Overall, I was pleased with the outcome. I was a bit confused along the way to finally booking the flight but all went well, and the price of business class is unbeatable.
shopper-approved-img stars-img


Mo C
CO, United States
A relief to have you out there to find a way to be able to sleep on overnight flights without feeling totally exploited
shopper-approved-img stars-img


Adam P.
While I was a bit skeptical having not been familiar with iflyfirstclass.com, Nathan made the process VERY easy and all went well on my trip.
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Our Philosophy

Flying across the world comfortably and economically takes some effort, especially if you want to enjoy the flight amid the luxury of first or business class cabins. With IFlyFirstClass, you can forget those endless, confusing internet searches for the cheapest business and first class flights. IFFC specializes in unearthing the very lowest prices available on international airfare on all the top-rated airlines. The result is a hassle-free travel experience that offers you excellent savings, premium airfare and outstanding service.

Plenty of discounted business class tickets are out there, and IFFC travel experts know all the hidden places to find those deals. With the savings offered by IFFC discounts, international business class seats are accessible to all people, not just elite or affluent travelers. Many of the world’s best air carriers also offer astonishingly cheap first class tickets. These special, discounted first and business class tickets give nearly everyone a chance to enjoy the ease and comfort of premium travel. While you could spend hours searching for these deals yourself, IFFC experts find them in mere minutes. We’ll also give provide you with several premium flight deals. This variety of flight deals gives you the freedom to choose the most convenient, affordable option for your trip without sacrificing your comfort or your budget.

The Low-Down on First, Business and Economy Class Seats

In domestic and international travel, the differences between first and business class are wide-ranging. While the assumption is often that first class is always far more luxurious than business class, that’s not always the case. In fact, on routes where first class is not offered, business class seats often rival first class accommodations. Still, where both options are available, first class is usually significantly more opulent than business class. First class seats are generally more spacious and they usually recline to a fully flat position. First class fliers also often enjoy more deluxe meals, complimentary cocktails, more personalized in-flight service and better amenities. Services at first class airport lounges are generally more elaborate than business class lounge amenities as well.

On lengthy international flights, the differences between first and business classes are even more marked. Most first class cabins now feature lie-flat seats with bed turndown service and greater privacy; some even offer completely private first class suites. IFlyFirstClass gives you entree to all the best business and first class deals to popular Asian routes, including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and Japan. Our deals also include routes to Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and New Zealand destinations like Auckland and Wellington. Of course, IFFC is also the specialist on cheap first class and business class deals to European routes, including the U.K., France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands as well as Middle Eastern destinations like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The most notable differences in flight classes are found between coach and business class seating, where the disparities are large. As a business class traveler, you enjoy a variety of amenities that will make your journey pleasurable, beginning with extra-wide seats and extended leg room. The in-flight service in business class cabins is attentive and designed to give you the most comfortable flight possible. That comfort usually includes more private seating, extra storage space, an extensive culinary menu, a large selection of beverages and cocktails and access to additional data and electrical ports. The business class entertainment offerings often include a wide variety of movies, music and games so you can enjoy a little downtime during your flight.

In contrast to business class seats, economy seats are often smaller and much less private, frequently requiring extra fees for additional legroom, checked baggage, cocktails, meals and entertainment. Business class fliers often have access to well-appointed airport lounges and expedited security checkpoints, while economy class travelers must contend with lengthy checkpoint lines and overcrowded public waiting rooms.

Wherever and whenever you need to travel, IFFC is here to provide the cheapest luxury flights available. Customer service is our ultimate goal so we offer you discounted first and business class tickets on convenient routes operated by the most dependable airlines. This ensures that you have a travel experience that is comfortable, reliable and filled with the industry’s most hospitable services.

Last Minute Luxury for Less

Our IFFC expert services are also available for last minute flights, giving you peace of mind that you can fly safely and comfortably, even if your travel arises unexpectedly. Whether you need to travel to deal with a sudden business issue or just want to take an impromptu holiday, we can find cheap business class deals to Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania at a moment’s notice. This ensures that you won’t fall prey to the usual last minute flight charges and price increases.

Getting First Class and Business Class Flight Deals

Accessing our deals is easy. Simply go to our website, type in your travel dates and destination, and we will provide you a quick, free quote.