Shanghai Business Class Flights Whisk You Away to a Thriving Cultural Center

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Shanghai Zoo Offers Respite After a Business Class Flight

Take advantage of business class deals to China to see giant pandas. - IFlyFirstClass

There aren’t many places in the world where you can see the beautiful and endangered giant panda. Shanghai Zoo, luckily, is one of them. Its giant panda exhibit features indoor and outdoor spaces for the pandas to live naturally. Both are also easily viewed by zoo visitors. In addition to the pandas, the zoo showcases 600 other wildlife species native to China. These native creatures include Golden monkeys and South China tigers. In all, more than 6,000 animals, birds and reptiles live here. The zoo is one of Shanghai’s most beautiful and extensive botanical areas too. It is shaded by 100,000 trees. These natural spaces make the zoo a great spot to enjoy nature after a long business class flight to Shanghai. If you want to learn a little more about some of the zoo’s animals, catch one of the many animal shows.

A Little Touch of the Familiar at the First Class Old French Concession

Cheap business class deals to Shanghai are ideal for trips to the Old French Concession entertainment and historic area. - IFlyFirstClass

If you have time after your business class flight lands, wander through the French Concession area. Shanghai’s European influence is evident throughout the neighborhood. You can sample tapas at one cafe, enjoy Belgian delights at another and taste lo mien noodles at still another. Pedestrian malls in the neighborhood are filled with outdoor cafes, trendy boutiques and fun art shops. Leafy trees shade most of these outdoor areas and carry on down the neighborhood streets. These streets lead the way to some of Shanghai’s most desired addresses and inviting Art Deco apartments. There are even a few spots rumored to be haunted. The neighborhood encompasses the gorgeous Longhua Temple as well.

Traditional Gardens Are a Nice Continuation of Business Class Luxury

Yuyuan Gardens are elegant and enriching, just like lush business class tickets. - IFlyFirstClass

Yuyuan Garden, or simply Yu Garden, is one of the most picturesque spots in Shanghai. Its sculpted Chinese gardens date back 400 years to the Ming Dynasty. The gardens encompass more than 40 attractions such as the five-ton Exquisite Jade Rock. It’s also home to the Qing Dynasty’s Sansui Hall, the ornate Hujing Tower and Wanhua Chamber. These enticing gardens are also historic sites. The dagger association made its headquarter here in the mid-1850s. This association rebelled against the city’s European imperialists in 1853. The gardens, laid out in the Suzhou style, are guarded by giant stone dragons atop picturesque walls.

Grab Cheap Business Class Tickets to Visit Shanghai Museum

Save your legs with roomy business class seats so you can wander Shanghai Museum for hours. - IFlyFirstClass

You could visit art museums in any of the hundreds of business class destination cities in the world. Few museums, though, compare to the stunning Shanghai Museum. Its extensive collection of Chinese art and cultural relics makes for a fascinating tour. You’ll see textile exhibits featuring items like an elite’s vest adorned with 100,000 beads. There are ancient bronzes dating back to the Western Zhou dynasty, 1046 to 771 B.C.E. There are ancient jades, ceramics and sculptures. Colorful Chinese furniture and Silk Road coins also have a home here at Shanghai Museum. With 10 notable galleries, the museum holds more than 120,000 artifacts.