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Why Visit Croatia?

There are not many ex-Communist bloc countries that have so quickly and so radically embraced openness and commerce and tourism like Croatia has. If, when you visit, the scenery and landscape seems familiar, it won't be deja vu - Croatia is the permanent setting for many episodes of the TV series 'Game of Thrones'.

The young, hip population, hordes of travelers and the hedonistic approach to life has Croatia earn the title of the 'New Ibiza'. The weather is excellent for outdoor festivals and music fests with live DJs and international artists are being held increasingly frequently.

The producers of Game of Thrones decided on Croatia because it offers such a wondrous set of sights of every kind. The water of the Adriatic Sea is cerulean blue from afar and crystal clear on close-up. The towering mountains of the Dinaric Alps and verdant forests provide an ethereal landscape within which to lose yourself.

The coastline is dotted with small island, many of which are worth a day trip unto themselves. Croatian beaches are gaining immense popularity for their beauty, serenity and cleanliness. The geography of the land makes it ideal for any number of outdoor sports. Hiking and biking are just ordinary - try your hand at:

  • ziplining;
  • abseiling;
  • rock climbing;
  • white water rafting.

Croatian cuisine is delicious in itself but has been enhanced even further by a dash of cosmopolitan from international restaurateurs. The locally-grown and -produced wine rivals many a top drop from more established countries.

Must See Cities in Croatia

The nation has a rich historical story, something that is communicated by the vast ancient ruins from the Roman and Byzantine eras, as well as medieval ones.


Facing the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is renowned for the architecture and distinctive look of its Old Town.

Walking the City Walls has become almost as synonymous with Dubrovnik as the Great Wall of China is in that country. The route gives you fantastic views of the layout and scenery below and beyond and is a great way to get your bearings before you start exploring. For even better views, take the cable car to Mount Srd. A bastion of defense against the Turk invasions, its battlements still stand strong.

Banje Beach is a great place to unwind and people watch whether you are travelling alone or with family or friends. The waters are gorgeous and just nice for most of the year, and the beach is sand, pebble and shingle in parts.


Fancy a look at the aftermath of relationship breakdowns, poignant, hilarious and weird as they may be? Then, you should wander into Zagreb's Museum of broken Relationships. Featuring the remains of ended loves, every component is a donation from a very, very glad or very confused person from around the globe.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is spread across 17,000 square meters and showcases hundreds of modern works of display art. It also features performance art, films and concerts throughout the year.

The unbelievably-green Maksimir Park is great for a stroll.


Croatia's second-largest city is a mix of modern bars and restaurants, and the country's ancient heritage.

UNESCO World Heritage-listed Diocletian's Palace should not be missed. These Roman-era ruins are a mixture of a fort and palace and is Split's biggest attraction. Egyptian sphinxes and columns of exquisite Italian marble grace the sprawling grounds.

St. Dominus Cathedral is one of the most well-preserved remnants of the Roman empire still standing. Its unique octagonal design is surrounded by additions made through the ages - friezes, columns, sculptures and statues that are a wonder to explore.

Flight Characteristics

There are no direct flights from the United State to Croatia, and travelers will need to make at least one stop. From the eastern U.S., the flight time is just under 10 hours if you fly from New York and layover in Frankfurt. This option is provided by Lufthansa.

From the western seaboard, Lufthansa has a flight to Zagreb that also transits through Frankfurt. It takes slightly over 13 hours to land in Croatia after flying from Los Angeles.

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