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Special offer to Dublin
Dublin business class deals lead to gorgeous sites like St. Patrick’s Cathedral. - IFlyFirstClass

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Book Dublin business class deals to tour the impressive National Museum  - IFlyFirstClass

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Relish the history and art of Ireland with Dublin business class deals.

Lively, friendly and historic, Dublin is a favorite destination for travelers. Dublin business class deals open up a world of enchanting history, spirituality, artistry and humor. Whether you’re learning about the Easter Uprising or admiring the vividly colored Book of Kells, Dublin is sublime. The city also boasts a dynamic nightlife and plentiful pubs for socializing with witty and humorous locals. Add in a tour of the local Guinness factory, and you have a holiday complete with revelry and revelations.

Trinity College is a Top Reason to Book Dublin Business Class Deals

Travelers can walk in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest wordsmiths with a visit to Trinity College. Writers Jonathan Swift, Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde studied here, as did Bram Stoker and Oliver Goldsmith. Trinity College alumni lists look like a Who’s Who of world leaders, scientists and academics, past and present.

Built in 1592, the campus is beautiful and vibrant even today. In addition to its classroom buildings, the campus features a welcoming chapel and a grand Old Library. The library is one of Dublin’s most popular visitor sites and a handy reason to book Dublin business class deals. It overflows with rare books and antiquities, from the Book of Durrow to the medieval Brian Boru harp.

The Trinity College Old Library’s biggest lure, though, is the stunning Book of Kells. The 9th-century illuminated manuscript contains the Four Gospels of the New Testament. Its colorful and intricate illuminations are incredibly vibrant, even after 12 centuries. Only two of the four books are displayed at a time to preserve the books. Some Book of Kells’ illustration highlights include:

  • a miniature of the Virgin Mary and Child,
  • a miniature of the Temptation of Christ and
  • two full-page Evangelist portraits.

Dublin Business Class Deals Lead to National Museum Treasures

After a visit to the National Museum of Ireland, you’ll be grateful for those Dublin business class deals. They’ll give you the travel savings you need to spend extra vacation time in the remarkable museum’s three Dublin sites.

  1. The Archaeology museum on Kildare Street displays many fascinating objects. You’ll see the recently discovered bog bodies in the museum’s Kingship and Sacrifice exhibition. The museum’s known for its large collection of gold Celtic artifacts and jewelry dating back 4,000 years. 
  2. The Decorative Arts and History museum in Collins Barracks is equally captivating. Its newest feature is its compelling “Proclaiming a Revolution: the 1916 Uprising.” The exhibit focuses on the valiant Easter Uprising and its leaders. The museum also displays gorgeous Irish haute couture through the ages, jewelry, furniture and silver.
  3. The Natural History museum is located in Dublin’s Merrion Square, and it teems with fascinating displays. Visitors can view giant Irish deer skeletons upon entering the museum and see a broad collection of other native wildlife. Other collections include many hands-on activities and mammals and marine life from around the world.

Book Dublin Business Class Deals to Worship St. Patrick’s Cathedral

With its majestic 141-foot spire and Gothic architecture, Dublin’s St. Patrick's Cathedral is magnificent. Built in the late 12th century, the national cathedral occupies the land where St. Patrick once baptized converts. Since its construction, the cathedral has been an integral part of Irish life and history. 

While many historic events have occurred on the cathedral’s grounds, today it is a popular spot for community celebrations. Some important events at the cathedral include:

  • November national Remembrance Day ceremonies and
  • December’s Service of Nine Lessons and Carols.

The cathedral’s colorful choir and awesome history make it a popular stop for those arriving aboard Dublin business class deals. It is home to a stunning nave and the ruins of an ancient Celtic cross.The cross was unearthed nearby during the l9th century and is thought to be the marker of a holy well. A bronze statue of Benjamin Lee Guinness guards the south entrance. 

Hundreds of notable Irish leaders, clerics and artists are buried at St. Patrick’s. The long list of interments includes Jonathan Swift of Gulliver’s Travel fame who served as the cathedral’s dean.

Snag Dublin Business Class Deals to Explore Chester Beatty Library

With incredible collections of art and rare books, the Chester Beatty Library is considered one of Europe’s best museums. Some of its extensive collection of objects originate as far back at 2700 B.C.E. Permanent exhibitions are divided into two categories: Arts of the Book and Sacred Traditions. There are more than 600 rare books and manuscripts in the Arts of the Book collection. Many of the objects in the Sacred Traditions collection are derived from around the world, including the Middle East and Asia. 

Some of the library’s most fascinating objects include:

  • clay tablets from Babylon,
  • hundreds of Koran manuscripts,
  • the Biblical Papyri
  • the first illustrated “Life of the Prophet,”
  • the only remaining relic of Manichaeism, “The Gospel of Mani” and
  • Egyptian Books of the Dead.

The library’s marvelous exhibitions, permanent and temporary, consistently earn international acclaim. It has earned top marks as European Museum of the Year” and notoriety as a top Dublin destination.”

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