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Special offer to Nice
Search for Nice last minute deals to explore one of the French Riviera’s most historic neighborhoods  - IFlyFirstClass

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The famed Promenade des Anglais is the perfect reason to book Nice last minute deals. - IFlyFirstClass

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Savor the sunshine and history of the Cote d’Azur with Nice last minute deals.

Dazzling and spectacular, the Mediterranean’s French Riviera lures millions to its balmy coastline every year. Nice is one of the region’s most treasured destinations, rich in architecture, history and, of course, beaches. It’s the playground of the rich and famous, and it has been a refuge for artists, royalty and religious devotees for years. The city is also close to other amazing Riviera destinations such as Cannes and Monte Carlo. Whether travelers seek sun, history or entertainment, booking Nice last minute deals never disappoints.

Relish the Riviera’s Promenade des Anglais with Nice Last Minute Deals

Nice last minute deals put vacationers in prime position to enjoy the French Riviera Promenade des Anglais as soon as their planes land. The legendary and dazzling Promenade des Anglais runs nearly 4.5 miles from the Nice Airport to the United States Quay. Along the way, visitors revel in the rgion’s spectacular weather and glorious ocean views. The route is lined with towering palm trees, posh hotels and stunning beaches filled with blue beach chairs. It’s the best place to see and be seen on the Cote d’Azur, and a perfect spot for people watching.

Some of the highlights of “The Prom” include:

  • the Palais de la Méditerranée’s art deco architecture,
  • the La Chaise de SAB sculpture,
  • the Hôtel Negresco,
  • plentiful bike rental stands,
  • lively festivals such as the Battle of Flowers and Nice Carnival and
  • the beaches and beach-goers lining the esplanade.


Worshipful Luxury: Nice Last Minute Deals and St. Nicholas Cathedral

Colorful and iconic, St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral is both beautiful and historic. Its grand architecture is quintessentially Russian, featuring onion domes and intricate details. Inside, visitors are awed by the cathedral’s ornamentation and many icons.

The cathedral is Western Europe’s largest Eastern Orthodox church, commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Before there were last minute flights readily available to Nice, Russian visitors traveled to the city by train. The cathedral opened in 1912, an important place of worship for the many Russian elite who vacationed and settled in Nice. 

Some of the objects in the cathedral were actually moved from Russia for safekeeping during the Russian Civil War. Visitors are particularly amazed at the cathedral’s historic and compelling interior, including:

  • the Holy Gates, also sometimes referred to as the Tsar Gates and
  • the ornate, full-wall paintings of religious scenes and icons.

Nice Last Minute Deals Lead to the Glamor of Monte Carlo

While Nice is entertaining and stunning, it’s also in a prime location for breathtaking day trips along the Riviera. Posh Monte Carlo is just 16 miles from Nice, offering visitors a peek at the glamorous Monegasque life. The drive between the two cities is a scenic adventure along the Cote d’Azur. The lower Corniche route is the best, opening up gorgeous vistas on easier-to-navigate roads. The rugged cliffs, deep blue ocean and hillside villas along the route call to mind chic 1950s movie scenes. 

Monaco itself is elegant, glitzy and picturesque. It’s home to the renowned Grand Prix. and it’s the prized holiday locale for high-flying jetsetters. The region overflows with appealing sites, including:

  • the belle epoque Monte Carlo Casino,
  • the Prince’s Palace,
  • the Oceanographic Museum,
  • the Napoleon Museum.
  • the Salle Garnier Opera House and
  • the Exotic Garden of Monaco.

Yachting, gambling and strolling are perfect pastimes here. With abundant Nice last minute deals available, visitors can spend more time and money in this breathtaking locale.


Nice Last Minute Deals Lead to Spectacular Days in Cimiez

For all of Nice’s gorgeous beaches, the city also boasts some spectacular attractions away from the coastline. The Cimiez neighborhood is one such attraction-filled area, an ideal excuse to search for Nice last minute deals.

  1. Franciscan monks have lived, studied and worked in the lovely Cimiez Monastery since the 16th century. Still in use, the monastery also houses the intriguing Franciscan Friar Museum. The museum reveals how monks through the centuries have spent their daily lives. It also has a splendid display on the Shroud of Turin, which was housed in the monastery in the 1300s. In addition to the museum, the grounds of the monastery are filled with stunning Italian gardens.
  2. The ancient Roman ruins of Cemenelum in the Cimiez neighborhood are also not to be missed. Visitors can see old Roman thermal baths, the amphitheater and a temple.
  3. The colorful Matisse Museum is also in one of Cimiez’ delightful 17th-century villas. The museum showcases the master’s work, from paintings and sculptures to some of his personal belongings. 

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