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Why Visit Norway?

There is something about the beauty of nature that transfixes the human soul and leaves us changed for the experience. In Norway, that experience is a daily affair.

What would seem like a featureless wintry wonderland on the surface is actually home to a kaleidoscope of magnificent colors and sights beyond anything you could see anywhere. So many separate elements of nature – rock, ice, water, snow, sky, cloud and grass - come together to create a stirring landscape that evokes a call to the wild, from the wild.

Norway is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights in their magnificence. It lets you raft down raging river rapids and skateboard down winding mountain roads. It gives you exuberant hussies pulling your sled and only slightly less exuberant whales breaching near your boat. Crystal clear waters are straddled by green hills in the summer, and the sight of golden sunlight reflected off the terrain is heavenly.

Somehow in the middle of the myriad of temptations of wonder that nature has thrown at them, Norwegians have had the time and the presence of mind to create a government and public system that is recognized as the most democratic in the world. It also tops the World Happiness Index and various other rankings concerned with individual and societal welfare.

The challenging terrain has made Norwegians a hardy and sport-loving people. Winter sports like skiing, snowmobiling, ski humping and ice hockey are very popular. In summer, hiking, biking and rafting take the mantle.

Must See Cities in Norway

Oslo – the nation’s capital and largest city is arguably the best city to visit for the myriad of experiences it offers. It is undoubtedly very cosmopolitan and its skyline is punctuated by innovative architectural designs.

It is a haven for the cultural traveler – museums and art galleries abound. The National Theatre, the Norwegian Opera & Ballet and the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design all are worth a visit. The Oslo Opera House might look familiar – it is designed to look like a glacier floating in the sea.

Oslo is renowned for its live music scene and you will be able to catch more than a couple regardless of when you visit. The nightlife is among the best in Scandinavia.

Bergen – Bergen is Norway’s second largest city and a beautiful confluence of culture, nature and adventure. Being a university town, it has a youthful character that drives its passion for the arts.

Move into the outskirts to explore towering waterfalls and cerulean lakes bordered by towering mountains that call to the adventurer in you.

Bergen’s coastal location means that it has developed a delicious local menu, rich in the freshest seafood. There are Michelin starred restaurants that bring an international twist to local favorites.

Tromsø – this city had to make the list because there are few places in the world that offer a better view of the magical natural phenomenon we call The Northern Lights. Just 3550 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, it is also witness to another mesmerizing sight – the Midnight Sun, where Sol circles the sky in summer but does not set.

Known as the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’ because most Arctic expeditions use it as a launch base, it is also a great outdoors destination for:

  • kayaking;
  • fishing;
  • whale watching;
  • hiking.

Flight Characteristics

There are currently three airlines – Icelandair, Delta and Lufthansa - that fly from New York’s JFK Airport on the eastern United States to Oslo. None of them offer a direct option. The layovers are at Reykjavik, Amsterdam and Munich respectively and the total trip duration is between 9 hours and 18 hours.

From the western U.S., Delta offers the quickest option with a flight duration of 13 hours 25 minutes from Los Angeles. American Airlines, United, Alaska Airlines and KLM also fly this route.

All these airlines run an excellent full-service option with first class and business class seats. The comfort, décor and meal options are vastly superior to what is offered to passengers flying coach.

Why Buy Tickets with I Fly First Class?

I Fly First Class service transcends what you would expect from an ordinary travel agent. We pride ourselves on delivering hard-to-get tickets, sometimes literally hours before the flight is due when asked to do so by our clients.

This ability is the result of our vast network of contacts with both airlines and the travel industry. Our service extends beyond ticketing – we handle every component of your travel and go out of our way to ensure that your first class or business class journey is as perfect as it ought to be.

How to Find Tickets on I Fly First Class

Actually, we do all the finding for you. I Fly First Class makes a commitment to ensuring that we always deliver what our clients need quickly and at the lowest cost possible.

All you have to do is tell us where you want to travel and when, and our dedicated travel concierge team handles the rest. You can share that information with us via the online form at or by emailing us at

Alternatively, call us at our toll-free number 1-800-385-1359 to speak immediately to our friendly, knowledgeable operators.

It’s that simple. Whether you want to travel one-way, are looking for a round trip or are not even sure yet, why not contact us today and see how we can help?

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