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Why Visit Iceland?

Although it lies just 170 miles from the Arctic Circle, the name ‘Iceland’ is a slight misnomer – it is more accurately defined by its popular description ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’.

The tiny, sparsely-populated nation is a study in contrasts. It might be blanketed in snow for most of the year and host some of Europe’s largest glaciers but it is also home to fiery active volcanoes and piping hot geysers and hot springs.

Some of the most beautiful sights humans have ever been fortunate to witness may be observed from the hauntingly desolate terrain of Iceland. The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights make a spectacular addition to the Icelandic night sky, letting many eager travelers cross one sight off their respective bucket lists. In the summer, Iceland’s location on the globe means that the sun does not set but travels in a slow circle around the sky.

130 dormant and active volcanoes dot the otherwise frigid landscape, leaching heat from the depths of the earth to create bubbling oases of rejuvenation. If you want to go from blistering cold to searing heat in the space of a mile, Iceland’s famous volcano treks will take you from featureless snow to the searing orange heat of lava. For adventures less temperature-related, visitors can descend into dormant volcanoes or fly safely over them in a helicopter.

Iceland was settled by fearsome Vikings in the ninth century A.D. and across the island, castles till stand that allude to its exciting past. Much of Iceland is untouched wilderness and an escapist wonderland for anyone who wants to reconnect with nature’s flora and fauna.

Most of Iceland may be cold but its people are the very opposite – welcoming, garrulous and warm. This has made it an otherwise surprising center of the arts in Europe.

Reykjavik was the first non-English-speaking world capital to be inducted into the UNESCO City of Literature list. From literature to music, the population of just 300,000 continues to astound the world with the creativity it so willingly shares, including the 1 million tourists who visit annually.

The country is renowned for being one of the cleanest and greenest in the world.

Must See Icelandic Cities

Iceland’s extremes of temperature mean that vast swathes of the country are not permanently populated.  The population is distributed across the country in dense (relative to the rest of the place!) pockets, each with its own character.

Reykjavik - Iceland’s capital is its largest city and home to about two-thirds of the entire Icelandic population. Situated on the southwestern coast of the island, the city center is modern and very cosmopolitan and boasts a very lively nightlife scene. If you can, be there on March 1, officially celebrated as Beer Day.

Harpa, the futuristic concert hall designed to resemble the country’s geography is a tourist favorite. Fans of art should visit Gufunes estate which is renowned for its artwork and sculptures. Hallgrímskirkja is the magnificent 244 feet high church in the shape of Iceland’s jagged peaks which is visible across the city. The city also boasts numerous nature reserves.

Húsavík - Húsavík is supposedly the site of the first settlement in Iceland and the biggest town in the country’s north. It has grown immensely in popularity because many species of whale come to frolic in the waters of its bay. There is even a whale museum for you to get your fill. The surrounding areas are great for exploration on foot or by bike.

Siglufjordur - probably the best Icelandic city to visit in winter, Siglufjordur offers every type of fun in the snow that you could imagine in winter. During the summer months, its thaws out enough for it to transform into the ideal location for fishing and golf. For something offbeat, the Herring Museum does not disappoint.

Flight Characteristics

A non-stop flight to Reykjavik from a U.S. city on the eastern seaboard like New York takes approximately five and a half hours. Single stop flights take just under ten hours, with Iceland Air making the trip in 9 h 40 min with a layover in Boston between New York and Reykjavik.

It is hard to find a commercial flight between the western United States to Iceland. Travelers in cities like Los Angeles will have to take flights with at least one layover. These flights reach Reykjavik in just over 11 hours.

United, Delta, Jet Blue, Alaska Airlines and Iceland Air are the main full-service airlines that fly between the U.S. and Iceland. First class and business class passengers get:

  • premium service;
  • extra comfortable seating;
  • multi-course meals;
  • a free flow of drinks while on board.

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