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Why Visit Japan

Japan was the first Asian country to become a first-world country, an amazing feat of resilience and hard work for which the industrious nation is renowned. Japanese culture is a wonder of etiquette, great respect and incredible innovation.

Japan is cleaner, safer and more orderly as a country than most small neighborhoods could ever hope to be. Its food is famous the world but it is best experienced in its true home.

Even though Japanese inventions and technology have shaped our world for the past few decades, Japan is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites. There is still remarkable respect and honor for their ancient heritage. Beautiful, exquisite temple and shrines are a wonderful contrast to the modernity and style of its major cities.

Which cities in Japan are a must-see?

Japan is great mix of old, new and what the future will hold for the rest of the world. She is also a gorgeous peek into a glorious heritage that has always put personal and societal honor above individualism.

Here are the best picks of Japan’s cities:

  • Tokyo – Without a doubt, Tokyo will be the number one on any list of Japanese cities. The world's largest metropolitan city is known for its spectacular skyscrapers and thick foot traffic. There are restaurants and eateries galore, giving it more Michelin stars than any other city.
  • The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and spring cherry blossoms prove that it is not all about technology and modernity.
  • Kyoto – Of Japan’s 17 UNESCO sites, 14 lie in Kyoto, a result of its ancient history as the nation’s capital. So very different from Tokyo, this city has over 2,200 traditional temples and shrines, each with a thrilling history to go with the intricate architecture.
  • Kamakura – This seaside city is just south of Tokyo and is a great mix of fun and culture. Kotoku-in and Hasa-dera are just two of the great Buddhist monuments to see. But it is the surf culture that is pulling in the crowds today.

Flight characteristics 

The United States and Japan are separated by the Pacific Ocean and the closest major U.S. city to the shores of the Asian nation is Honolulu. A direct flight between Honolulu and Tokyo is of 8 hours 13 minutes’ duration. 

Many major airlines operate direct flights between the U.S. and Japan from New York and Los Angeles. Delta’s 13 hour 45-minute-long trip is the shortest from NY and Great Lakes Airlines’ 11-hour flight from L.A. is the shortest from the west coast.

While all airlines offer great perks on this route, perhaps the most luxurious service is offered by JAL. Its enclosed suites with lie-flat beds, 23-inch personal entertainment screens, sommelier-qualified in-flight staff and masterful cuisine creations tops most.

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I Fly First Class brings the luxury of first class and business class travel to your home even before you get to the airport. We pride ourselves on delivering the best service and the cheapest fares.

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Whether you are looking for a one-way or return flight, I Fly First Class will ensure that your trip never costs any more than it has to.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

To buy tickets immediately, you can call the I Fly First Class toll-free hotline within the U.S. at 1-800-385-1359 in the U.S.A.

To leave us your flight requirements, please fill in the online form at or email us at

Whether it is last-minute tickets, a sale or sold-out flights, I Fly First Class can deliver on your ticketing needs better than any regular travel agency. Contact us and discover premium service even before you step into an airport.

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