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Special offer to Prague
Petrin Park is an excellent reason to book business class flights to Prague. - IFlyFirstClass

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 Book business class flights to Prague to explore the historic Old Jewish Cemetery. - IFlyFirstClass

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Revel in New World luxury aboard business class flights to the Old World glory of Prague.

Gorgeous Prague is Old World Europe at its best. Centuries worth of grand structures range in style from Medieval and Renaissance to Neoclassical. It's home to glorious palaces and tranquil gardens. It boasts castles and fortresses, and it's the historic capital of Bohemia. Still, Prague's 1.2 million residents keep the capital city moving in a modern, forward-thinking direction. As a result, the picturesque city has some of Europe's most enticing hotels, restaurants and entertainment. In March, visitors and locals relish the annual International Film Festival. In May, the city comes alive with the Spring International Music Festival. There are dozens of other rousing events and festivals throughout the year, bringing a cosmopolitan flair to the ancient city. Whether travelers are seeking history, art, architecture or a modern retreat, Prague never disappoints.

Experience Vibrant Prague along Charles Bridge

Lively and picturesque, the Charles Bridge lures visitors and locals alike to its gorgeous span. The bridge dates back to the 14th century, commissioned by King Charles IV. Hundreds cross its 2,000 foot length each day, many stopping only to enjoy the incredible view of the Vltava River. Others linger along its 16-arch span, admiring the 30 marvelous Baroque statues and engaging with dynamic street vendors. Three towers arise from the bridge, two on the west side and one on the east, Old Town side. Strolling along the bridge and admiring its towers and statues is an ideal way to work out the cobwebs from your business class flight to Prague.

Over the centuries, the bridge has been at the epicenter of Prague’s challenging history. 

  • Severed heads were displayed on the bridge tower to discourage other Habsburg resisters in 1621.
  • Locals fought off invading Swede forces on the actual bridge in 1648.
  • Several floods have swept through the town and damaged many parts of the bridge and its statues.


Prague Castle Amazes with Grand Sights

One of Prague’s most enticing sites, Prague Castle is a treasure trove of architectural styles and history. The immense castle complex is home to churches, palaces, courtyards, museums and towers. It’s most legendary structure is the grand St. Vitus Cathedral. The cathedral boasts many enchanting gems, including:

  • A 14th-century Last Judgment mosaic,
  • The Big Bell Tower, standing more than 318 feet tall and offering spectacular views of the city,
  • A portrait gallery of King Charles and other royals as well as noted archbishops and
  • St. Wenceslas Chapel.

The castle complex is enriched by its stellar gardens and an interesting daily changing of the guard ceremony. Other notable structures in the Prague Castle complex are:

  • Old Royal Palace,
  • St. George’s Basilica,
  • picturesque Golden Lane and
  • Daliborka Tower.

The largest ancient castle complex in the world. Prague Castle is often a first stop for business class travelers. Its peaceful confines and bountiful culture provide a superb view of life in Prague through the ages.

Petrin Park Offers Fresh Air, Stellar Views

Travelers looking for vast green space or leisurely pursuits after a long business class flight to Prague find joy in Petřín Park. The park boasts lovely walking trails, inviting dining spots and excellent gardens. The park’s biggest claim to fame is its lookout tower that is reminiscent of Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Visitors can climb to the top of the tower for awesome views of the city and Vltava River. A fun funicular ride up the hill makes access to the tower easy. 

The park delights with several other notable features.

  • Travelers of all ages adore the House of Mirrors amusement.
  • The dazzling rose garden at the top of the park’s hill rewards visitors for making it to the peak.
  • Stefanik Observatory is a nice place to gaze through the telescopes and learn a little about Prague’s night sky.
  • The vast and ancient Hunger Wall entices visitors to trail alongside from the park to Strahov Monastery.


Old Jewish Cemetery Brings Prague’s Community to Light

Considered one of the most important Jewish cemeteries in the world, Prague’s Old Jewish Cemetery is unforgettable. Its graves span some of Prague’s most compelling years, from the early 1400s to the late 1700s. During its heyday, the cemetery layered graves to make use of very limited space. As a result, visitors will find more than 12,000 tombstones in the cemetery and an elevated ground space. 

Many of Europe’s most important citizens, leaders and clerics were buried in the cemetery.

  • David Gans was a noted astronomer, mathematician and historian, buried here in 1621.
  • Poet and rabbi Avigdor Kara owns the oldest burial site in the cemetery. Interred here in 1439, his elegy remains an important part of Yom Kippur services at Old-New Synagogue.
  • Mordecai Maisel, noted Prague ghetto philanthropist, was buried in the cemetery in 1601. The synagogue he built in Prague still bears his name.

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