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IFlyFirstClass today announced its picks for the best destinations for 2022. Enjoy your holidays and learn the history of the most popular places with IFlyFirstClass.

Looking for an original holiday destination for 2022? In 2021 (and 2020) we have had to postpone many of our vacation plans, but a new year brings new opportunities! The world is full of beautiful places that are definitely worth a visit. There is nothing more fun than choosing a holiday destination and planning your trip completely. Of course, there is always something to argue about. But with this list of the most beautiful holiday destinations, you will at least have enough inspiration for your next trip. From paradise beaches in Asia, one of the greenest countries in the world, to countries with the most beautiful architecture and unknown countries in Europe.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is, without a doubt, one of the greenest countries in the world. About 25 percent of Costa Rica is a protected nature reserve. The country between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea is a mecca for birdwatchers, with 865 species of birds fluttering around (from crested caracara to quetzal). You will also find mountain ranges, rainforest, smoking volcanoes, mangrove forest and golden beaches. Or how about coffee plantations, hot springs, sea turtles, tree frogs, crocodiles and spouting humpback whales? But apart from all that nature, you also go to Costa Rica for the colonial cities, fresh fruit juice, casado (rice with beans, salad, fried banana and meat or fish) and the relaxed way of life: la vida pura, which makes it so attractive, even for families with children.


You can also be pleasantly active with la vida pura. You can walk through rainforest and cloud forest, spotting sloth and howler monkeys. Or cycle through the capital San José for example, or along the coast from surf spot Puerto Viejo to the beach of Manzanillo. Volcano biking, swimming under waterfalls, or exploring a part of the Caribbean Sea - rich in the coral reef. And swing high through the jungle, by zip wire like at Arenal or Monteverde, or rafting on the roaring Sarapiqui River.


One of the most up-and-coming holiday destinations for 2022 is Oman. This Middle Eastern country is much more than a huge desert. Although a jeep safari and overnight stay in the desert is absolutely a must during a holiday in Oman, you will also find green oases (Wadis) and beautiful cities. The buildings in Oman are all very photogenic, the Sultan Qaboos Mosque and Al Alam Palace in Muscat are perfect examples of this.


The trend in 2022 is that more and more people are going out into nature, so a holiday in Norway fits perfectly. Traveling through Norway in the summer is as relaxing as it can be active. You have the wonderful Fjords along the west coast, the wintry north, and the lesser-known center of Norway. The Norwegian nature around Trondheim is also beautiful and you can perfectly enjoy a relaxed holiday. Norway, with its rugged nature, is loved by adventurous travelers and more and more campers are choosing a holiday to Norway.


Fancy an adventurous road trip where you see the most impressive nature, spend the night in special accommodations, imagine yourself in a different world but for which you don't have to travel far? Morocco is then the destination. The roads are generally very good, the people are friendly and there is also a lot to see and do. In short, one of the coolest destinations to make a road trip in 2022. You can see a lot of the country in two or three weeks. For example, visit the surf village of Taghazout, spend the night in the desert, drive over the highest mountain pass in North Africa and immerse yourself in the Moroccan Medinas.


Montenegro is a less obvious alternative to neighboring Croatia. It has a breathtaking setting with the shimmering Adriatic Sea and a mountainous backdrop. The bay is also home to the well-preserved medieval city of Kotor, which also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A British TripAdvisor user called it "Europe's best-kept secret". The setting you often see here in the mountains can best be described as a cross between the Norwegian fjords and those beautiful Alpine lakes.


Cacti, rock formations, pearly white beaches: Aruba is a beautiful island in many ways. The entire coastline of south and west Aruba is dotted with the most beautiful beaches. But there is much more fun to find on the island. Although Aruba is the ideal island for a relaxing sun, sea, beach holiday, you can do more than just lie on the beach. Water sports activities are the most popular in Aruba, and there are also endless possibilities. What many people don't know is that the north side of the island has impressive, rugged nature and that there is a town where you can view colorful street art.


Nothing against Israel, but if you want to visit a country where the landscape reminds you of Biblical stories, then that is hospitable Jordan. With Mount Nebo (from where Moses saw the Promised Land), the glittering white Dead Sea, numerous Roman excavations, Bedouins in tents, and of course the wonder of the world: the city of Petra. Via a crusader castle and Aqaba, a seaside resort on the Red Sea, and sleeping under the stars as well as in star hotels.


Let's talk about Petra, the ruined city: nestled in a valley between hills and especially known for the tombs cut out of the rocks. In ancient times, the city prospered, especially because of the trade routes that led through Petra, such as the frankincense route, which ran from Yemen to Persia, Syria, the Greek, and Roman empires. Traders did good business and the rulers of Petra became very wealthy, which can still be seen in the enormous tombs. But around AD 100, the Romans conquered the area around Petra. The routes were changed, the city withered, and was abandoned. In 1812 it was the Swiss Burckhardt who, disguised as an Indian trader, rediscovered Petra for the western world. The city has been a World Heritage Site since 1985 and in 2007 Petra was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.



Whether you are looking for the ancient culture or the metropolises with modern skyscrapers and a 24/7 life. The combination of old and new makes China such an endlessly fascinating destination. Due to the rapid developments, China is becoming easier to travel. The largest structure in the world and the biggest attraction in China is of course The Great Wall of China. It was recently determined that the wall, which was built as a defense line, is no less than 8850 kilometers long. The Great Wall of China is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, chosen in 2007. The best way to admire it is from Beijing.


In the middle of Beijing, you will find the "Forbidden City", the place from which the Ming and Qing dynasties were ruled. It is a magnificent complex of palaces and temples with beautiful symmetry and a lavish amount of valuable remains from the 15th and 16th centuries.



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