Fly and drive holidays in Germany, where to go?

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Germany is a beautiful country and it is ideal for a wonderful vacation. Germany is an underrated holiday destination. Nearly 90% of the travelers fly to Berlin while the country has so much more to offer. While Germany has some of the largest airports in Europe that are often used as a stop-over by business people and travelers, there are quite some places you could easily spend a holiday at.

Germany fly-and drive holidays in Germany, where to go?

Germany is an underrated holiday destination. Nearly 90% of the travelers fly to Berlin while the country has so much more to offer. While Germany has some of the largest airports in Europe that are often used as a stop-over by business people and travelers, there are quite some places you could easily spend a holiday at.

Cheap flights to Germany

Lufthansa is the flag carrier of Germany and also the largest airline in the country. Until recently, Lufthansa was even the largest airline in Europe, but today it is Ryanair. Lufthansa has several daily flights from several destinations in Europe. Condor is a low-cost German airline that mainly operates charter flights. Air Berlin is also a low-cost airline with many departures from Dusseldorf Airport, just across the border in Germany.

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The most beautiful places in Germany

The Moselle region

Between the towns of Koblenz and Trier lies the famous Moselle region, a wine-growing region with steep and green slopes, valleys, valleys, and of course the river Moselle. The area is very popular with wine lovers, but the nature here is also beautiful. You will find idyllic villages, castles and fortresses, many vineyards, and wine festivals are held several times a year. Nature here is wonderfully green because the area has a very mild climate. There is also no lack of culture in this region. The Moselle region has a rich cultural history that goes back to Roman times. They were therefore the ones who laid the foundation for the oldest wine region in Germany.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest is a low mountain range in the southwest of Germany and has beautiful nature. This area is therefore very popular among hikers. The Black Forest has countless hiking trails along with natural and cultural-historical sights. It is even said that the waymarked paths were 'invented' here. Along these trails, you will find the most beautiful waterfalls, several lakes, impressive mountains, picturesque towns and castles, and the source of the longest river in Europe: the Danube. In addition to the beautiful sights, the region also has typical local dishes and a glass of wine from the region should not be missed! The Black Forest is also popular among tourists in winter. Then the area is transformed into a ski area by the snow.

Saxon Switzerland National Park

Sächsische Schweiz is located on the Czech border and in the eastern part of Dresden. Many Germans describe this area as one of the most beautiful parts of Germany. The landscape is what stands out so much. There are huge rock formations with deep valleys, high cliffs, and the river Elbe that flows through the area. It has been a national park since 1990. Various sports can be practiced in the park, but climbing is especially popular here and ideal. If you prefer to walk, you can encounter the Basteibrücke along the way, which gives you the feeling of walking into a fairytale.


Bavaria is the largest state in Germany and is very popular among tourists. The region has a beautiful and versatile nature, consisting of high mountains, alpine meadows, lakes, rivers, and forests. Due to the versatility of nature, there are also dozens of sports to practice here: from mountain climbing to kayaking to mountain biking. In addition to the beautiful nature, the region also has fairytale castles and beautiful villages. Three fantastic sights that are well known in Bavaria: Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany's only alpine national park with dense forests, cliffs, rugged cliffs, deep gorges and glaciers with a beautiful glacial lake, Rothenburg ob der Tauer, an old town built in Medieval style with colorful houses, old fortifications, and fountains and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle.


Cologne has a very famous attraction: the Dom. This beautiful cathedral stands head and shoulders above the cityscape of Cologne. The cathedral is one of the most famous symbols of Germany and is therefore on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to the cathedral, Cologne has more to offer: the city has a rich history and a lot of cultural heritage. The city has an authentic part with small boutiques and cute shops and a modern part with street art and cozy cafes. The center of Cologne, the Altstadt, has all the famous sights and you will find colored craftsmen's houses. The city is highly recommended both in the summer, when you can sit on a terrace on the Rijnboulevard, and in the winter, with all the atmospheric lights and the cozy Christmas market.


Formerly one of the most important Hanseatic cities, Lübeck is a beautiful city on the Baltic Sea and has one of the largest ports in Germany. Partly because Lübeck was very important for trade, it has become a city of refuge and Lübeck is still the most important German importer of French wine. The rich history of the Hanseatic city is still visible, giving the medieval city center surrounded by water a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The cozy city center has several special buildings such as the Rathaus, the city gate, the Buddenbrook House, and the St. Marienkirche. Despite the older buildings and authentic atmosphere, Lübeck is today a modern business city with a large harbor and a congress center. During the day it is wonderful shopping here with cozy boutiques and shops and in the evening the city has a vibrant nightlife with chic restaurants and busy discotheques.

Lake Constance

The largest lake in Germany and a well-known destination among tourists: Lake Constance. The lake is located in the south of Germany and lies on the border with Switzerland and Austria. Various water sports can be practiced on the lake and there are cozy towns and beautiful nature around the lake. Lake Constance is split into two parts: the Obersee and the smaller Untersee. These two parts are connected by the Rhine. Lake Constance and its surroundings can be explored by bicycle on the cycle paths or foot along the many hiking trails. But the beautiful lake can also be admired by excursion boats, cable cars, or even zeppelins.

Rhön Nature Reserve

Rhön is a low mountain range in the heart of Germany. The beautiful surroundings with mountains, meadows, and fruit trees ensure that the biosphere reserve has earned a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The low mountain range is a paradise for hikers, glider pilots, and kayakers. The rough currents and rivers are the ideal challenge for kayaking. The area is suitable for a sporty holiday as well as a relaxing holiday. In addition to the beautiful nature, Rhön also has a bit of culture: this area was very important during the Cold War. Point Alpha is therefore highly recommended to get to know the history of this area.