Top 5 Destinations for 2021

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IFlyFirstClass today announced its picks for the top 5 destinations for 2021. Enjoy your holidays and learn the history of the most popular places with IFlyFirstClass.

Now that the borders are slowly opening again after the Covid-19 pandemic, many travelers are starting to make plans for their next trip. Are you looking for a great destination, but you have no idea where to go? Then take a look at our list of the best destinations of 2021.


Paris may be very old (more than 2000 years old), but the French metropolis has a young and trendy vibe that attracts an incredible number of curious people all over the world who must have seen the Eiffel Tower or who must have sat on the steps in front of the Sacré Coeur at least once in their lives.

Did you know that more than 25 million tourists come to Paris every year? Tourists who not only want to climb the Eiffel Tower but also want to have stood in front of the showcases of the Moulin Rouge or admire the Sacré-Coeur in the Montmartre district at least once in their lives. Whatever people's motivations, it is certain that Paris stimulates our imagination as no other city does. It is the city of impressive history, of artists and bohemians, of fashion and exquisite cuisine. And don't forget: Paris is the city of love. Of the love for each other, but also of the love for the city itself. Paris is a city you easily fall in love with.

Try to imagine Paris without the Eiffel Tower. You probably won't be able to! It's amazing how such a monument literally and figuratively presents itself as an exclamation point of the French capital! Despite all the superlatives about this metropolis, Paris would not be Paris without the Eiffel Tower. Replicas can be found all over the world, from Budapest to Las Vegas, but the one and only and most impressive Eiffel Tower is where it was 'born', on the banks of the Seine in Paris.


In London, hip and tradition go hand in hand and that gives the city its unique character. Seeing London in a few days is almost impossible, there is simply so much to see! However, with the London Travelcard in your pocket, you can go a long way. In any case, start a visit to the British capital with a tour by open double-decker, the “Hop on Hop off excursion”, as this gives the much-needed overview and points the way to the various sights.

For many, a city trip to London is synonymous with shopping. In Covent Garden and the surrounding area, you will find many small shops with a special offer. It is a more authentic experience of the British capital.

Then there's the new London: the Docklands area, including trendy CanaryWharf, where the skyline is defined by tall, imposing skyscrapers made of glass and steel. On the south side of the River Thames, Bermondsey, the best antique district, is also getting hipper. If you are tired of the "hustle-bustle" of the city, you can relax in one of the large parks in the city. London is and remains “the place to be”!

Whoever goes to London, of course, also walks over Tower Bridge. This Victorian-era bascule bridge connects the heart of the city to the South Bank and is one of Europe's top tourist attractions. Big Ben, the legendary clock tower with its massive clock, should of course not be missing from your photo album. Once you've heard his deep bass voice, the famous Piccadilly Circus square could be your next destination.


Modern, high skyscrapers, glittering office buildings, and businessmen in tight suits. That may be what comes to mind when you think of Frankfurt, Germany's fifth-largest city. However, take a closer look at the city and you will discover that Frankfurt is so much more. Behind its business skyline hides a special historic center full of undiscovered streets, alleys, cafes, and boutiques. Historic sights such as the DomRömer Kwartier, Römerberg, and Alte Opera sit alongside modern highlights such as the towering Main Tower.

Walk into the DomRömer quarter in Frankfurt and it feels like you are walking through a cute little village instead of a gigantic metropolis. Hidden behind Frankfurt's skyscrapers is this surprising neighborhood just waiting to be discovered. The historic heart of Frankfurt once belonged to one of the largest and most beautiful medieval city centers in Germany but was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War.

Thanks to a large-scale renovation project, the district has recently been restored to its former glory. At the end of 2018, Frankfurt officially opened the doors to the 'new Altstadt'. The old city center, located between the Frankfurt Cathedral and the Römer City Hall, has been completely restored. Now when you walk through the DomRömer quarter, it's like stepping back in time and strolling through Frankfurt as it looked before the war. Frankfurt used the original building materials during the renovation and with great attention to detail has created a 'new' old city center full of historic charm.


Most people really only know Zurich, Switzerland's largest city, as the financial center of Switzerland, the home of FIFA, and the portal for a winter sports holiday in the Alps. But Zurich is so much more than the stock exchange and the home of a large number of international organizations.

Zurich has been known as a clean and efficient city since time immemorial. However, only in the last fifteen years has the city developed into a fun and interesting travel destination for a city trip. Apart from the many sights, you now have more than 500 cafes and more than 1500 restaurants. And in the city center alone you will find more than 50 museums.

The Bahnhofstrasse is the shopping street where you will encounter well-known fashion and luxury brands. Here you will also find the historic department store Grieder Bongénie. For authentic Swiss products and souvenirs, you can visit the cozy streets of the old town. Indoor shopping is possible in the Europapassage near the central station and in the southern Sihlcity.

Many good restaurants can be found around the Bahnhofstrasse and in Zurich-West. For the real rösti and other local dishes, you can go to the traditional restaurants in the old town. In addition to an extensive cultural offer, Zurich also has a trendy nightlife circuit. At the Langstrasse, you will find clubs that are open until well into the next morning.


A visit to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, is a must during your holiday to Dubai. This skyscraper is 828 meters high and is shaped like a desert flower. Around the high building is a beautiful pond where you can watch one of the fountains' shows every evening from 18:00. The fountain was designed by the creators known for the Las Vegas fountain show. Take the elevator to the 125th floor of the Burj Khalifa for an amazing view of the city and the surrounding area. If you visit Dubai in winter, it is recommended to take a nice walk through the colorful Miracle Garden. This park is full of flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

At the foot of the Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Mall. Shopping is a popular activity in Dubai, but the Dubai Mall has much more to offer than just shops. In the largest shopping center in the world, you will find 1200 shops, a gigantic waterfall, an ice rink, and the largest aquarium in the world with the largest advertising display in the world above it. Be sure to visit the aquarium for a day, where you can even dive among the sharks. Shopping enthusiasts also visit the Mall of the Emirates. Here you will find a large indoor ski hall, where you can strap on your skis and enjoy snow in sub-zero temperatures, while the mercury outside can reach well above 40 degrees.