Zurich, a beautiful city surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps

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Zurich is beautiful. This town with its medieval churches and winding cobbled streets is situated on the shore of a clear blue lake and is framed by the impressive snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps. The city has a reputation to uphold financially, but also has a thriving cultural life. There is plenty to enjoy in the artistic and entertainment field, whether you like opera, classical music, ballet, or theatre. In addition, the city has more than fifty museums. New nightclubs, restaurants, and bars are opening here and there all the time.

Which airline to choose for flying first class to Zurich?

Swiss Air is the flight carrier of Switzerland so chances are high you will be flying with them when traveling to Zurich. Zurich is the hub of Swiss Air making that there are several routes from all over Europe and the world to the Swiss city. When flying within Europe with a business class ticket, you can bring two pieces of luggage. You also have priority check-in making your airport experience even more comfortable. On an intercontinental business class flight, your seat can turn into a full-flat bed, giving the opportunity to arrive well-rested. You will also be served award-winning food.


With a first-class ticket, they raise the bar even more. Not only will you have a bed to sleep, but you also have your own private space so you can work in peace. If you want to find cheap first-class or business class tickets, it might we an option to check last minute for discounted offers or compare several departure airports nearby.

Why choose Zurich as your destination?

Bern may be the capital of Switzerland, but Zurich is arguably the country's most important city. Major companies have their headquarters here and it is therefore also the economic heart of Switzerland. The city also carries a lot of history, which is immediately noticeable when you walk through the ancient streets and past the historic buildings. Zurich is also primarily a rich city where the quality of life is very high. But eventhough you are on a business trip or holiday, it might be worthwhile to check out for last minute deals or cheap first-class tickets.

To and from the airport

Zurich Airport, Flughafen Zurich, is located 13 kilometers north of the city center. The airport has excellent public transport connections with the city and the surrounding region. Tickets can be purchased from the machines in customs halls 1 and 2. These are valid for the entire national public transport network. Taxis can be found at the taxi ranks in front of Arrivals 1 and 2.

Transportation in Zurich

Public transport in Swiss cities is excellent, and so is in Zurich. Buses and trains run on time and the public transport network is very finely meshed. With a ZürichCARD you can make unlimited use of public transport. In addition, you have free entrance to museums and you qualify for discounts in select shops and restaurants and on many activities.

What to do in Zurich?


The Paradeplatz is one of Switzerland's most expensive real estate spots and the epicenter of the Swiss banking industry. The square is synonymous with the wealth of Swiss banks. Originally, however, it was not stocks and bonds that were traded here, but cattle.


In the 17th century this was the site of a pig market. At the beginning of the 19th century, the name of the market was changed to 'new market' as a result of a revival of the economy. Now this is an important tram junction and the place where expensive retail chains have a branch.


If you visit Zurich, you cannot miss a walk through the Old Town or Altstadt. The historic heart of the city is teeming with charming 19th-century buildings, winding cobbled streets and modern cafes and shops. Zurich's nightlife also takes place here. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs to choose from that come alive after sunset.


From the old town you can visit many tourist sites, including two famous churches. Fraumünster Cathedral is renowned for its beautiful stained glass. In particular, the five stained glass windows in the abbey are well worth a visit. The cathedral can be visited from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The twin towers of the Grossmünster Church are hard to miss. From the south tower you have a wonderful view of the Limmat River. The church is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Lake Zurich

The idyllic Lake Zurich is located southeast of the city and offers not only spectacular scenery, but also a variety of recreational and sports opportunities on and around the lake. You can easily reach this green lung from the center of the city.



The Kunsthaus is a fantastic art museum with one of the most important art collections in the country and indeed in Europe. Dating from the Middle Ages to the present day, the works were originally collected by a local Swiss art association. You can visit the museum for free on Wednesdays.



Rising high above Zurich, the Uetliberg offers plenty of scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. The clearly marked hiking and biking trails are used for tobogganing in winter. The mountain is easily accessible and is 20 minutes by train from the city center.


Behind the Swiss National Museum, you'll find Platzspitz, a park that overlooks a headland between Zurich's two rivers, the Sihl and the Limmat. This park was originally used for hunting in the 14th century. Towards the end of the 18th century it was embellished with fine Baroque buildings.


Sadly, during the late 20th century, it fell into disrepair and became a crime and drug site. In the meantime, the park has been completely restored and now it is again a family-friendly place where you can enjoy a pleasant walk. Events are held throughout the year.

Dining in Zurich

The Michelin-starred restaurant Pavillon is truly something special, even in a city where the culinary bar is set high. Chef Laurent Eperon combines traditional Swiss ingredients with modern techniques. The expert service will be happy to guide you through the 49-page wine list, so that you can find the perfect arrangement for your meal. In addition, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Zurich and the Swiss Alps.


Don't forget to stop by Conditorei Schober, a stylish café in the Old Town, where you can sample the high-quality chocolate for which Switzerland is known. You can not only drink delicious hot chocolate with a thick layer of whipped cream, but also feast on chocolate bars, almond cookies, and truffles.

Business accommodation in Zurich

Boasting a privileged location in natural surroundings above Zurich, The Dolder Grand offers a 4000 m² spa area, 2 award-winning restaurants, and free WiFi.


A great alternative is the Widder Hotel. The Widder Hotel is quietly located in the old town of Zurich, just 200 meters from the Bahnhofstrasse shopping street. This 5-star hotel is housed in 9 adjacent, carefully renovated historic buildings, decorated with works by famous artists.


Have a business trip planned to Zurich? Fly in style and search for cheap tickets.