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The coolest thing about traveling in Europe? The fact that there is an enormous concentration of different cultures and nature on such a relatively small continent. Within a few hours you end up in a neighboring country where a completely different language is spoken, the architecture has its style and the landscapes sometimes don't resemble home at all. There is so much to discover that we could come up with hundreds of breathtaking places that deserve a beauty prize, but we still managed to make a smaller selection. Looking for travel inspiration for your next vacation? Look no further. These are some of the most beautiful destinations in Europe to which you can fly in business class.

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is one of the finest countries in Europe. And that is not surprising, because apart from the fact that you can eat very well and that the country has a rich culture (think of cities such as Rome, Florence, and Naples), there are great vast regions full of natural beauty. And the most beautiful region of Italy is Tuscany. Rolling landscapes, cypress trees, endless vineyards, sunsets that you will never forget, and the many historic towns and villages such as Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano, and Florence make Tuscany one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.


If you choose Tuscany as a holiday destination, you are assured of a photogenic environment that you can't get enough of. Enjoy the landscapes, the towns and villages, delicious food, and good wine. Start your holiday in Tuscany in style and fly with a cheap business class ticket to Pisa or Florence.

Andalusia, Spain

Looking for last-minute deals for flying business class? Try Andalusia in Spain. The southernmost part of the country is also referred to as the real Spain and you want to see this with your own eyes. Beautiful Andalusia is known for its white villages (pueblos blancos), an overload of natural beauty, sun, sea, beach, a beautiful coastline, and mountains (the Sierra Nevada for example). But Andalusia also has an enormously rich history that has even been dominated by the Moors from which a few beautiful fortresses and cities have arisen.


Málaga, Seville, Córdoba, and Granada are just a few of those cities that are all equally special and beautiful. Spain is one of the most beautiful holiday countries and Andalusia is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe. If you go to Andalusia, be enchanted by the diversity of landscapes, the wonderful Spanish culture (especially the food and wine!), and the beautiful cities. Get a one-way business class ticket, rent a car, go for (mountain) walks, don't miss the town of Ronda, and enjoy the coast on the Costa del Sol. Andalusia is simply amazing!


Côte d'Azur and Monaco, France

The Côte d'Azur in the south of France is known for its jet-set image, but you can also enjoy a wonderful holiday there. In the summer months, the sun shines continuously and the many beautiful cities and towns on the coast are the perfect base for a nice summer holiday in Europe. And how about the azure blue Mediterranean Sea and the wonderful beaches?


Nice, Cannes, and St. Tropez are just a few places on the wonderful Côte d'Azur. Nice is a super cool city and in Cannes and St. Tropez it's about seeing and being seen, but even if you want a little more peace, the Azure Coast is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Europe. Fréjus is also a place that you should not miss during your holiday and how about a trip to Monaco? France is a very popular holiday destination anyway, but the Côte d'Azur in particular. If you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of a celebrity spending their holiday here.


Do as they do and buy business class tickets or book a first-class flight to Marseille or Nice to spend your holiday here.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is a relatively undiscovered country in Europe. It once belonged to the former Yugoslavia and has therefore become somewhat subordinate to other neighboring countries. But that is about to change and rightly so! Because Slovenia, like the 'famous' countries Austria, Italy, France, and Switzerland, is partly located in the Alps, so you can imagine that there are a lot of beautiful places to be found.


Lake Bled (Blesjko Jezero in Slovenian) stands out in this regard. The lake is located in the middle of a mountainous landscape in the eponymous town of Bled and is truly breathtaking. The water of the lake is blue as it should be and in the middle of the lake is a tiny island with a church. It is iconic for the country. In seven kilometers you can walk, cycle or simply drive around the lake and from the viewpoint in the mountains you have a wonderful view over the lake and the surrounding area. Are you still in doubt about your holiday destination in Europe? Stop that and purchase cheap tickets or last-minute deals to Ljubljana in Slovenia, without a doubt one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Looking for a destination to fly in Business Class in style? Why not Switzerland? Located deep in the Alps, it is here where you can enjoy the highest peaks. Take Zermatt in Switzerland: a famous Swiss mountain village at the foot of the Matterhorn. The nickname 'mundane ski resort' sticks to the village, but that is not quite right.


Yes, you can heli-ski here, book private mountain guides and rent luxury accommodations and yes national ski teams train here because of the top conditions. But there is also another side. That of an atmospheric village where every summer day a shepherd with his herd of goats walks through the main street and where you feel that you are in a special place - so close to the Matterhorn, the mountain that you must see once in your life.


You can reach Zermatt by booking cheap tickets to Milan and continue your trip by train. Travel with the Glacier Express, one of the most scenic train journeys in the world that will take you along some of the highest snow-capped mountains of the Alps. Make a stop at Lake Geneva. Of all the French and Swiss towns and villages that lie on Lake Geneva, there is one place that offers the most beautiful view: Lavaux. More precisely, the lush vineyard terraces in this Swiss region create a unique, hilly landscape that has attracted visitors since the 11th century. The terraces and associated wine traditions of Lavaux are therefore almost a thousand years old and are now listed on the UNESCO list of world heritage. The journey ends in the car-free center of Zermatt where the Matterhorn glooms along the corner.

Salzburg, Austria

Do you want a musical encounter with Mozart?  Salzburg is often in the shadow of Vienna. Vienna may be the capital of Austria, but Salzburg is winning in very different territory. Here you will find Mozart's birthplace, former residence, and favorite pub. His most beautiful symphonies still ring through the streets today and when night falls the city turns into a magical fairy tale. Anyone who gets the chance to get tickets for the world-famous Salzburg Festival should enjoy it in the summer. You can book cheap tickets for Salzburg or book a one-way business class to Vienna.