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Hotel Arts Barcelona is the Ideal Place to Recharge after A Last Minute Business Class Trip to Catalonia

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Hotel Arts Barcelona is a top-rated luxury hotel on Spain’s coast, in the heart of Barcelona and colorful Catalonia. Stunning modern architecture, easy access to beaches and the marina, and spacious rooms and suites help the hotel stand out from the crowd of hotel options.

The recent Spanish election and success of Catalan nationalists reminds us how much we enjoy experiencing Catalan culture, sites and cuisine. As the heart of Catalonia, Barcelona is a warm beacon to travelers looking for a unique and vibrant stay after a pampering business class flight. Barcelona is home to a wealth of upscale hotels and luxurious resorts, and one of our favorites is the chic, modern masterpiece Hotel Arts Barcelona.

Hotel Arts capitalizes on its location along the scenic Port Olimpic marina with unparalleled views of the azure Mediterranean. Hotel guests merely have to step foot out of the hotel to enjoy the Barceloneta boardwalk and captivating local beaches. Even better, the historic center of the city is just a few blocks away. 

The hotel itself is a sea of blue glass and white steel-beam architecture, a cosmopolitan oasis in a city filled with historic architecture.

Along the hotel’s oceanfront rests the landmark golden fish sculpture designed by Frank Gehry and the hotel’s refreshing swimming pool, hot tub and gardens. Those who need to grab last minute business class tickets for an unexpected business detour are also delighted to find that the hotel is just 20 minutes from Barcelona Airport.

Guests won’t want to leave the hotel, though, since it is opulently appointed. Nearly 500 luxury guest rooms, suites and apartments fill the 44-story hotel with luscious accommodations like top-of-the-line linens, oversized bathrooms, high-tech entertainment systems and expansive windows with spectacular views. Special guests may choose an even more exclusive hotel-within-the-hotel option of The Club, located on the private upper floors of Hotel Arts. There, VIPs enjoy a separate reception area, exclusive concierge-team services, a reserved lounge and two-story open-plan apartments.

Guests also relish hydrotherapy pools, steam baths, saunas and relaxing massage treatments at the hotel’s 43 The Spa. Its 43rd-floor location gives guests a bird’s-eye view of the Mediterranean and a tranquil space to reflect and recharge. Even if you traveled to Spain nestled in the nurturing, luxury environment of first class seats, you’ll appreciate the unique serenity of 43 The Spa and all of the Hotel Arts Barcelona perks.

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