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Cheap Business Class Airfares


Cathay Pacific – Business Class Flights

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Cathay Pacific Business Class seat features up to 11 inches of travel. For the conversation with your traveling companion you can move forward back for more privacy. A precision toggle allows you to adjust the seat position to fit your mood and posture. The fully flat bed is just over 82 inches long. To get additional hip support you can use the bed extension which will increases its width by 6.5 inches. Your side storage compartment offers extra knee space for sleeping on your side. You may choose to leave your armrest up for more privacy, or down for more space for sleeping.

You will also appreciate the side cabinet with a vanity mirror and room for small items such as glasses and gadgets. You may use the cabinet door as a privacy divider.

The 15.4 inch TV with Audio and Video on Demand rotating library of 100 movies, 500 TV shows, 888 music CDs, 22 radio channels, and 70 games with 10 languages represented. A Multi-port Connector lets you connect your own electronic devices, including the iPod, iPhone, etc., and stream audio and video content to your personal TV display. There is also a USB port for charging mobile devices.

Business Class Baggage
A Business Class passenger can check-in baggage allowance is 30kg. On flights to, from or via the US, Canada and some countries in South America, you may check in 2 bags with dimensions measuring up to 62 inches in total and 32kg (70lbs) in weight for each bag.

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