Galloping Toward Adventure: Cheap First Class Tickets and Exotic Ranches Are the Perfect Combo

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Ride along the range, relax on picturesque porches and indulge in delightful cuisine. With stunning guest ranches in New Zealand, Argentina and Canada offering all of life’s most thrilling adventures, a business class flight to any of these countries can take you to thrilling ranch vacations.

The American West is known for its pioneer spirit and sprawling ranches, but it’s not the only place to find exciting, luxury guest ranch experiences. From Argentina and New Zealand to Canada, you can fly in comfy first class seats to all sorts of exotic destinations to find thrilling guest ranch experiences. 

Known for its Calgary Stampede, celebrated cattle ranches and stunning scenery, Canada is fertile ground for luxury guest ranches. British Columbia especially teems with exhilarating, sumptuous ranches. Turn-of-the-century Little Beaver Creek is an exclusive option, offering its log chateaux to only 12 guests at a time and meticulously serving elegant cuisine and other engaging comforts. Ride around Glimpse Lake on horseback, canoe along hidden ponds or kick back on a welcoming porch to soak in the incredible views. Little Beaver Creek is just one of many satisfying British Columbia guest ranches, including Echo Valley Ranch and Spa, Free Rein, Siwash Lake Ranch, Tod Mountain Ranch and Three Bars Ranch.

New Zealand
If you’re jetting farther afield to Oceania, be sure to check out deals on business class flights that give you more room to relax. Then enjoy your stay in the country’s vast and pampering guest ranches. The South Island is the place to go for most of the country’s rambling spreads, home to stunning guest ranches, or stations, like Grasmere Lodge. 

The High Country resort gives guests a unique stay among New Zealand’s legendary Southern Alps.

Blanket Bay in Queenstown is another prime location for attentive service, beautiful Southern Alpine views and breathtaking adventures like helicopter tours of Milford Sound, heli-skiing and horseback riding. Other amazing New Zealand guest stations include Beaumont High Country Experience and Matakauri Lodge.

Live like an authentic gaucho or relax like a king in Argentina’s extraordinary guest ranches. Estancia El Colibri in Cordoba is known for its colonial-style architecture and refined amenities. High-end furnishings and surround-sound media fill its guest suites, while Finnish saunas, Jacuzzis and a refreshing swimming pool provide soothing relaxation. In addition to the usual estancia activities, this ranch offers sensational polo activities. Other Argentinian luxury ranches include Posada de la Laguna and Estancia de los Lunas.

With all of these indulgent guest ranches available around the world, your luxurious holiday abroad doesn’t have to restrict you to the typical urban hotel or seaside resort. The next time you book a discounted first class flight to Canada, Argentina or New Zealand, consider one of these magnificent guest ranches to enrich your stay.