First Class Flights to Flavor-filled Winter Festivals of Europe

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The pensive days of winter and Lent are no match for the indomitable European favor for celebration. IFlyFirstClass deals on first class seats can whisk you away to some of the continent’s most exciting events, including the Lemon Festival, Battle of the Oranges and Strong Beer Festival.

It’s never been a better time to book discounted first class tickets to Europe, especially with the recently released, limited-time deals offered by IFlyFirstClass. Whether you’re traveling to Europe this winter for business or a much-needed vacation, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Europe’s flair for celebration and edible delights. From oranges and lemons to hearty ale, it seems like there’s a festival for every taste.

Ivrea Carnival, Italy
Outlandish Mardi Gras revelry in New Orleans has nothing on “Carnevale” festivities in the Italian village of Ivrea. Rooted in the town’s fascinating history of revolt against Medieval tyranny, Ivrea Carnival is a spectacle most known for its Battle of the Oranges. From Saturday to Tuesday before Lent, townspeople hurl oranges at groups representing tyrannical armies. With oranges flying from every corner of city streets and squares, it’s easy to get caught in the crossfire. Donning the traditional red Phrygian hat will keep you mostly safe from the oranges while you enjoy a close-up view of the festivities. 

Lemon Festival, France
If Ivrea Carnival’s Battle of the Oranges doesn’t satisfy your taste for citrus, hop on a first class flight to France’s gorgeous Cote d’Azur. There, in the village of Menton, you’ll find the captivating Lemon Festival. The celebration’s parade is a breathtaking scene. 

 Floats exceed 30 feet in height and are filled with sculptures and scenes made with lemons and other citrus. The event lasts for three weeks from mid-February to early March and includes light-filled gardens, special exhibitions and other fun festivities.

Strong Beer Festival, Germany
A tradition since the 1600s, Munich’s Starkbierzeit celebrates the local strong beer, often referred to by locals as liquid bread. The beer, called Salvator, was created by local monks to sustain them through Lent, and it continues to be a signature beverage throughout the region. Starkbierzeit’s four weeks of festivities begins in the middle of February with a televised tapping of a Salvator Doppelbock. For the next few weeks, each of the city’s beer halls opens a marquee to serve the malty Doppelbock, host oompah bands and comedy shows and provide a venue for plenty of singing and dancing. Most also serve pretzels and sausages to complement the amber Doppelbock beer.

Europe’s orange, lemon and beer celebrations prove that there is still opportunity to enjoy life, culture and food even during the stark days of winter. First class deals available at IFlyFirstClass give you even more reason to relish winter trips to Europe.