IFlyFirstClass Unveils Tips To Saving on last minute first class fares

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Helping travelers find outstanding last minute first class fares, IFlyFirstClass today revealed its top tips to saving money on last minute flights.

Helping travelers find outstanding last minute first class fares, IFlyFirstClass today revealed its top tips to saving money on last minute flights.

Helping travelers find outstanding luxury airfare deals, IFlyFirstClass today revealed its top tips to saving money on last minute flights. A leading travel service providing discount premium flights around the world, IFlyFirstClass is dedicated to making luxury travel more accessible and affordable for all travelers.

"Most airlines offers some incredible last minute deals, but many people do not know how to access those discounts," notes Julia Graft, IFlyFirstClass public relations manager. "By offering a few industry tips, we hope to encourage travelers to seek out these deals and consider traveling to exciting international destinations amid the luxury of business and first class cabins."

Some of IFlyFirstClass' best suggestions on finding fantastic last minute premium flight deals include:

1. Embrace Flexibility. 
Having a little leeway on travel dates, departure cities, destinations and trip accommodations can save travelers hundreds of dollars. While some emergency situations may not allow travelers to be flexible about flight dates, many major cities around the world boast several airports within a couple of hours' drive. San Francisco-bound travelers, for example, might consider nearby airports in Oakland and San Jose for cheaper fares. London itself boasts six airports, many of which may be cheaper than titan Heathrow. Potential passengers should also consider that there may be savings to be found by booking the trip as a package, including lodging, car rentals and attraction tickets.

2. Timing is Everything. 
Late night and early morning flights are often less expensive than midday routes on regular flights, and that caveat holds true for last minute luxury flights as well. Similarly, midweek travel is generally cheaper, so travelers should aim for flying on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

3. Upgrade your expectations. 
Last minute business and first class rates are frequently less expensive than last minute coach prices, so passengers who normally travel in coach should take a look at last minute business class fares, and those who regularly fly in business class should seek out last minute first class prices.

4. Check Early and Often. 
Major airlines release most last minute airfare deals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in hopes of luring last-minute weekend travelers. Potential travelers should get in the habit of occasionally checking airfare and airline sites so they know what airline tickets in their region generally cost.IFlyFirstClass suggests that prospective passengers sign up for the major air carriers' weekly emails to stay on top of the deals and watch their pricing trends.

5. Book and Fly At A Moment's Notice. 
Last minute first class deals aren't often available for long periods of time, so travelers should be ready to act on any good deals they find as quickly as possible. In many cases, the best last minutes discounts are available for flights within the next week, to passengers should be ready to travel quickly.

6. Check with A Travel Company Specializing in Discount Luxury Travel. 
IFlyFirstClass is dedicated to providing deep discounts on premium travel in business and first class, and can offer significant savings on airfare and time. "Our experienced travel professionals are immersed in the world of discounted last minute travel and handle all of the searching, comparing and booking for their clients," Graft says. "We delight in finding the best discounts available, especially on last minute luxury flights."

For more information about traveling at the last minute for less, call the travel specialists at IFlyFirstClass toll-free at (888) 347-7817, or visit the company website at www.iFlyFirstClass.com.