Fly on Luxurious One-Way First Class Flights to Budapest for A Luxury Train Adventure Through Europe

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Experience the history, architecture, passion and conflict that define many European cities on a first-rate Balkan train odyssey. Fly in first class luxury to Budapest and board the lavishly appointed Golden Eagle Danube Express. You’ll explore ancient European towns, see legendary Romanian sites and revel in Venice.

With the abundance of cheap first class flights, five-star cruise lines and bespoke land tours, it's easy to forget about the luxury options of traveling by train. We are especially enchanted by the possibilities offered by Golden Eagle's summer Balkan Odyssey. The land cruise whisks travelers through some of the world's most historic and beautiful European cities and countrysides. 

This breathtaking summer adventure begins in gorgeous Budapest, where travelers enjoy views of the Danube River, the stunning Buda Castle and other exquisitely designed buildings, public spaces and landscapes. Once travelers arrive in Budapest, they are chauffeured to their five-star hotel where they’ll stay for two days so they can relish the spectacular sights of Buda and Pest.

After a glorious day exploring Budapest's World Heritage Sites, travelers board the Golden Eagle Danube Express, where spacious deluxe cabins with ensuite bathrooms offer every conceivable high-end amenity. Guests have access to 24-hour personal service, a bar lounge car and an impeccably appointed dining car. An executive chef oversees all meals to ensure that guests have a delightful culinary experience throughout the 12-day journey.

From Budapest, the train glides on to other Hungarian towns like Lajosmizse to see a "Puszta" horse show and Kecskemét. In Romania, train stops in Sighisoara allow travelers to tour the site believed to be the birthplace of Dracula, and Brasov to roam Bran Castle

Days 5 and 6 are spent traveling through Bulgaria, stopping in historic towns like Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia. 

While we always appreciate the pampering convenience and speed of first class flights, this luxury train journey gives travelers a chance to experience the countryside and communities in a more intimate way. After Bulgaria, guests can explore the medieval tombs, fortresses and Turkish baths of Belgrade and the Ottoman Empire relics in Mostar. Travelers will even gain some insight into Sarajevo's struggles during the Balkan War.

Next, it's on to Croatia to stroll through the ancient town center of Zagreb and Slovenia to explore the treasures of Ljubljana. The final two days of the luxury train tour take travelers through the celebrated Italian cities of Trieste and Venice. Once in Venice, guests transfer to a posh five-star hotel near Doge's Palace, St. Mark's Square and the Bridge of Sighs. 

Since travelers aren't locked into round-trip airfare, they can choose to linger in Venice even longer than Golden Eagle tour dates, soaking up the unique atmosphere and experiencing the tastes, sights and artistry of The Floating City. We are happy to help travelers find cheap first class airfare from Venice's Marco Polo Airport so they can spend as much time in Venice as possible.