This is what flying first class looks like with 10 different airlines

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Anyway, flying is a luxury, purely because it allows us to see the world and travel great distances quickly. But the experience in the plane itself is certainly not always the same and just as luxurious. You can fly with little legroom and have to pay for everything you want extra from a low-budget airline or suffer from crying babies around you. However, if you have enough money, you can choose to fly around the world in absolute luxury. See here what first-class flights look like with the 10 best airlines in first-class, ranked by Skytrax.

Qantas Airways

This society has been operating since 1920 and is the largest in Australia. If you're flying from Melbourne or Sydney, you can relax in a spa before you fly. Here you can get a massage before you get on the plane. In addition to massages, you also have a private business room, a library and of course fantastic food. Once on the plane, you can sleep peacefully, you will receive earplugs that block out all the noise, pajamas, and spa equipment.

Japan Airlines

This is the national society of Japan, since 1953. The first-class places here are called suites and leave nothing to be desired. You get a lot of space and of course pajamas, a face mask and much more. You have access to a large private screen and can choose from many movies, music, and other entertainment. If you would like to be alone, you have the option to completely isolate yourself from the rest of the plane. This way you travel in luxury to the next destination.

Qatar Airways

This is the country's state-owned company in the Middle East and is regarded as one of the best airlines worldwide. It will therefore not surprise you that the first-class flights also provides for all wishes. A plane from Qatar has only 8 first-class seats. The chair can be converted into a bed so that you can certainly arrive at your destination rested. Of course, you get chargers, Wi-Fi, and more than 4000 entertainment options. The food is also of excellent quality, especially for airplane standards.

Cathay Pacific Airways

This company has had its headquarters in Hong Kong since 1946. First of all, you get a kit containing face cream and other care products. The chairs are not just chairs, they are massage chairs that can then turn into beds. Besides flying, the airline has lounges all over the world, for example in New York. However, the most beautiful and luxurious lounge is, of course, in Hong Kong itself. Here you will be flooded with luxury.



Another Japanese carrier, the largest by the fleet in Japan. If you travel here first class, you get a 23 inch LCD screen, a compartment for shoes and clothes, your own satellite phone, and complete privacy if you want it. The food is also of high quality and the menu changes monthly, differing on each route. The lounges are not as special as some of the others, but of course, you have nothing to complain about here either. You can eat, drink and relax there.

Singapore Airlines

According to Skytrax, this airline was the best in 2018. This is one of the few airlines where you can choose a double bed for your flight. The award for best first-class also went to Singapore Airlines. The option where you get a double bed costs $23,000, but then you also have all the luxury that you can imagine. The meals are prepared by 8 highly regarded chefs, including Michelin star winners. You also get the luxury that you also get with other airlines, and you can completely close yourself off here for some privacy.

Air France

This airline has been in existence since 1933 and has a first-class option called 'La Première'. Here too you can completely close yourself off with a wall, and turn your chair into a lovely bed. As a first-class traveler, you get access to your own bar and buffet, with the best French food. You share this with only 7 other first-class passengers.


The largest airline in Germany was founded in 1955. If you fly first class here, you will have access to your own personal assistant. These help you with your baggage claim and security checks, among other things. You can change your chair into a bed where you can regulate the temperature yourself. Of course, you have access to lots of entertainment and delicious food.


With this airline, headquartered in Dubai, you as a first-class passenger have access to a personal bar where they serve the best wines and champagnes. If you prefer to stay seated, you also have your own minibar at your seat. You have the option to spend 30 minutes in one of the two bathrooms, where you can take a shower, among other things, to arrive at your destination refreshed. When you come back there will be a fruit bowl with a glass of champagne, and of course, you can lay your chair flat for a good night's sleep. You lack nothing.


Etihad Airways

This is the other major carrier of the United Arab Emirates and has several options when it comes to flying first class. One of them has a living room with a leather sofa, a dining table, and an LCD TV. The bedroom has a double bed and there is also a TV here. The third room you get is the bathroom, with a shower and all other comforts. The food is prepared in the air by a chef, so you are assured of quality. Airport lounges are also fantastic, how could it be otherwise.

What makes flying in first-class so expensive?

First-class starts at the airport. Or sometimes even at pick-up, because there are airlines with a pick-up service with a limousine or luxury taxi. At the airport, there are special counters where you can check in extra quickly and you also pass customs faster than when you fly in the tourist class. Once you're in the VIP lounge waiting to board, the holiday fun begins with snacks, drinks, massages, and all the beauty treatments you could wish for.


In the air, the service continues as usual. Depending on the airline you are flying with, you will have a seat or even a very private compartment. During the first-class flight, you will be completely pampered. There are planes where you have your own mini bar at your disposal, but in an A380 Airbus, you also have a real bar where you can socialize with fellow travelers.


Flying first class is a dream for the traveler who wants to start a journey relaxed. However, there is a price tag. If you want to fly first class from London to San Francisco, a ticket will quickly cost you around 4000 dollars.


If you can't fly first class, there is the alternative of business class. Then in many cases, you are also entitled to the same extras as in first class. You're just a little cheaper. Although a price tag of more than 2900 dollars is still quite pricey for a business class ticket from London to San Francisco.