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When traveling to far destinations, you often need to survive long-haul flights. Crampy seats with not enough leg space make it harder to enjoy your destination the first days. And what about the limit of luggage you can bring on board? Make yourself more comfortable and opt to fly in business class or first class to start your holiday right at the airport. Here are five of the best destinations for this summer where you can fly in business class.


While the northern half of Southeast Asia is largely in the monsoon season, the more southerly Indonesia has excellent (dry) weather. July and August are two of the best travel months for almost all of Indonesia. So whether you go for a beach holiday in Bali, a tour of Java, or a backpacking trip to the Gili Islands: the weather is tropical warm, and sunny.


Java is the heart of Indonesia and is known for its enchanting rice fields, volcanoes, and ancient temple complexes. Java is ideal for a round trip, which you can then relax at the neighboring Bali. This world-famous 'island of the gods' is bursting with spirituality, unique culture, beautiful nature, fine beaches, and atmospheric (boutique-like) accommodations. If you mainly want to relax, you can also book a Bali sun holiday alone.


Or you travel a little further to authentic Lombok and/or the Gili Islands,, where you can stay on a paradise island for one or a few tens a night.


If you want to fly business class to Indonesia, your best chance is to search for business class flights to Jakarta. American Airlines, Japan Airlines, and Singapore Airlines are all good options to fly with and they often offer last-minute deals.


Peru is a big country and the weather in the north is completely different than in the south or on the coast. But the months of July & August – or our summer holidays – are roughly one of the best periods to visit Peru in terms of climate. Only downside is that it can get a bit crowded, especially at Peru's biggest tourist attraction: the wonder of the world Machu Picchu, the lost city of the ancient Incas, deep in the mountains. In the summer it is the dry season at Machu Picchu; so book in time if you want to walk the famous Inca trail!


Peru is one of the most exciting and popular travel countries in South America. The land of the Incas and llamas, with an enormously rich history, beautiful old cities, impressive nature, and a traditional Indian culture. Undisputed highlights besides Machu Picchu are the fascinating ancient city of Cusco, the white city of Arequipa, the mighty Colca Canyon, the mysterious Nazca Lines in the bone-dry desert, the tropical Amazon jungle near Puerto Maldenado or Iquitos, and Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia.


Looking for cheap tickets for a business class flight to Lima? Try KLM, Air France, or Delta and use air miles.




The island of Zanzibar near Tanzania is ideal for an exotic sun and beach holiday during our summer months. The daytime temperature is around 28 degrees and these are the driest months. Zanzibar is beautiful: a sapphire blue sea, snow-white beaches of powder sand, beautiful coral formations, and rich marine life. An interior with ancient villages, spice plantations, and ox wagons. A capital (Stone Town) full of alleys to get lost in. And a colorful history and culture, full of African and Arab influences.


You can also combine a sun and beach holiday in Zanzibar with the safari highlights of Tanzania. Tanzania is one of the most beautiful safari countries on the African continent. Known for the wildlife-rich Serengeti, the illustrious Mount Kilimanjaro, and the unique Ngorongoro crater. By the way, you can, in addition to Tanzania and Zanzibar, also visit Kenya. Hakuna Matata!


Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, and Emirates all offer business class flights to Tanzania. The Dutch KLM airline company does the same. Find the best prices by checking the last-minute deals.

The Seychelles

Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean, north of Madagascar and about 1600 km east of the African continent. They are one of the world's most paradisiacal relaxation destinations. There are a total of 115 islands, only a few of which are inhabited. Besides beautiful beaches, jungles, and rich flora and fauna, the islands mainly offer tranquility. June, July, and August are the best travel times for the Seychelles: they are the driest months and it is about 27 degrees during the day. So lovely weather!


But out of all those paradise islands: which one to choose? As far as we're concerned: consider the main island of Mahé purely as an arrival point and spend your time on Praslin (the most 'fertile' island) with its unique flora and fauna and/or the small La Digue, for a relaxed local atmosphere and beautiful beaches (including the famous Anse Source d'Argent). Praslin also has those beautiful beaches, such as Anse Lazio. Praslin and La Digue are half an hour by boat from each other and can therefore be easily combined! You can book an organized holiday for the best prices but you can also book a separate business class ticket and accommodations yourself, which can make it cheaper.

The Cyclades

The Greek islands are the perfect archipelago for island hopping. The best known and most photogenic islands of this Greek archipelago are Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Syros, and Naxos. Each island has its own classic architectural style with the typical white and blue colors. Ancient temples and excavations alternate with Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses, and the typical Greek windmills. Without exception, the villages consist of a maze of narrow streets, cozy terraces and cozy taverns. To complete the Greek holiday feeling, you will find more wonderful beaches here than you can visit in one holiday.


The Greek island of Zakynthos is also known as the 'flower of the Levant'; this nickname was given by the Venetians, who ruled the island between 1484 and 1794. Although Zakynthos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, it is also located on one of Europe's most infamous geological fault lines. The Bay of Laganas is a must-see: it is one of the main breeding grounds for Caretta Caretta sea turtles in the Mediterranean. Another natural draw on the island is Navagio Beach, known for high cliffs and shipwreck.


Naxos is a beautiful destination with endless sandy beaches and beautiful rocks that flow into the sea. In addition, you can also take beautiful walks along the olive trees and valleys in the green mountainous landscape. Stroll through the picturesque streets in Naxos town and take a seat on one of the cozy terraces. The picturesque villages of Apiranthos and Halki are also worth a visit


The Greek islands are a great destination for the summer. American Airlines, Delta, and Qatar Airways offer business class flights to the Greek islands. They serve Athens from which you can easily take the ferry to the island of your choice. For the best prices, book a long time in advance or go for the last minute deals.