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Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland after Zurich. The city is best known for being home to one of the United Nations headquarters and for the nuclear research institute CERN. But there is also an impressive number of sights to be found in this cosmopolitan lakeside city.

Which airline to choose for flying first class to Geneva?

Swiss Air is the flight carrier of Switzerland so chances are high you will be flying with them when traveling to Geneva. When flying within Europe with a business class ticket, you can bring two pieces of luggage. You also have priority check-in making your airport experience even more comfortable. On a business class intercontinental flight, your seat can turn into a full-flat bed, giving the opportunity to arrive well-rested. You will also be served award-winning food.


With a first-class ticket, they raise the bar even more. Not only will you have a bed to sleep in, but you also have your own private space so you can work in peace. If you want to find cheap first-class or business class tickets, it might we an option to check last minute for discounted offers or compare several departure airports nearby.


Other airlines with high-quality first class and business class services include KLM and Brussels Airlines.

Why choose Geneva as your destination?

There is much to see and do in Geneva and the surrounding area. The historic center of Geneva is a beautiful maze of ancient streets and quiet squares full of medieval buildings with beautiful facades. There are plenty of places to visit, but one of the best things to do is just walk around and soak up the culture and atmosphere. This makes Geneva a perfect destination to mix business with pleasure. Find cheap business class tickets now for your trip to Geneva.

To and from the airport

Geneva Airport has its own train station, accessible via Terminal 1. The train is the fastest way to travel from the airport to the city center. The journey time to Geneva-Cornavin main train station is only 7 minutes. All trains from the airport run via Geneva-Cornavin, on average every 10 minutes you have a travel option.


A taxi from the airport to the center of Geneva costs about 40 Swiss francs (37 euros).

Co-working spaces in Geneva

Geneva is a city aiming at business people. In the city center you will not only find several business hotels, but also a wide range of co-working spaces. Some examples are Regus, Multiburo and Signature in Quartier des Banques.

What to do in Geneva ?

Promenade du Lac

One of Geneva's main attractions is, of course, its famous lake that has inspired and continues to inspire generations of artists and poets. Along the beautiful Promenade du Lac you can enjoy the view of the lake in the heart of the city.

Jet d'Eau

The huge water fountain Jet d'Eau on the lake is one of Geneva's main landmarks and has become an emblem of the city. At 140 meters it is one of the highest fountains in the world.


The Jet d'Eau was originally created to control the pressure of a hydraulic installation but has grown into a full-fledged landmark. The fountain was therefore made even more powerful and moved to a central location on the lake. Strong motors pump 500 liters of water per second into the air.

Natural History Museum

With about 250,000 visitors a year, the Natural History Museum is the largest museum of its kind in Switzerland. The collection focuses on animals, fish, birds, fossils, human evolution, minerals, the solar system, geology.... The museum is free to visit and is really worth a visit.

St. Peter's Cathedral

In the heart of the old town is St. Peter's Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Pierre), built on the remains of a Roman temple from the 4th century. Work on this spectacular building started in the 12th century. The architecture reflects the Romanesque style with Gothic influences.


From this cathedral, John Calvin preached Protestantism in the 16th century. The austere interior remains intriguing to this day.

Tour de l'Ile

The Tour de l'Île bell tower is all that remains of a fortified castle built in the 13th century on this island in the Rhone. At that spot, the river is bridged by the Pont de l'Île, an important strategic location. In fact, the Pont de l'Île was once the only checkpoint on the route connecting Northern and Southern Europe.

Palais des Nations

The Palais des Nations is an important building of the United Nations. You can take a guided tour twice a day where you can learn everything about this international organization. The building itself was built in classical style between 1929 and 1936.


International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum are undoubtedly one of Geneva's top museums. It first opened in 1988 and was extensively renovated between 2011 and 2013. Several exhibitions tell the story of international aid organizations.

Boat cruise on Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is not only the city center's namesake but also an important port and home to both water sports companies and deep-sea fishing trips. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, this beautiful blue diamond is best enjoyed by one of the boats or jetties.


There are several boat trips you can take on this lake. It is also possible to rent a private boat.


Jardin Anglais

Because the English garden (Jardin Anglais) is very shady and close to Lake Geneva, the garden is very popular among tourists and locals. Whether you want to rest for a few minutes or take a short walk near the lake, the English Garden is a must-see when visiting Geneva.


In this garden, you will also find the flower clock (Watch Fleurie). It is a classic place in Geneva for taking selfies. Together with the huge fountain, this is one of the most photographed places in Geneva. The flower clock shows the history of clock making in Geneva in an original way.

Dining in Geneva

Geneva is a multicultural city which has its effect on the local cuisine. While Swiss cuisine is often regarded as dishes with cheese, there is more to that. Swiss cuisine is influenced by neighboring countries as well. If you want to take a client or business associate out for dinner, opt for La Buvette des Bains. This restaurant doesn´t only serve high-quality food but offers great views of Lake Geneva as well. You can choose between full meals or a selection of tapas.


For more formal dinners, we recommend Le Duo, a restaurant that specialized in French cuisine.

Business hotels in Geneva

When traveling for business to Geneva for a few days, you will need to find appropriate accommodations. This means a hotel that offers all necessary facilities to make sure you are comfortable and able to work. NH Hotel has two venues in the city. NH Geneva Airport Hotel and NH Geneva City Hotel. Both are conveniently located for both short as long business trips.