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Iflyfirstclass is glad to tell you the great story of American Airlines. American Airlines, is an American airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, not far from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The world's largest airline flies daily from Schiphol to Dallas/Fort Worth and Philadelphia.

American Airlines, is an American airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, not far from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The world's largest airline flies daily from Schiphol to Dallas/Fort Worth and Philadelphia. There are transfers from Dallas with 829 different domestic and foreign flights. You can choose from Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class.

History of American Airlines

The history of American Airlines goes back to 1929, when "The Aviation Corporation" was founded to buy airlines. In 1930, all subsidiaries of The Aviation Corporation were incorporated into American Airways, which changed its name to American Airlines in 1934. On June 25, 1936, American was the first to use the Douglas DC-3. By the end of the decade, American was the largest American airline by revenue from domestic passenger flights. On February 16, 1937, she carried her millionth passenger. It was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in June 1939.


During World War II, half of its fleet and crew was transferred to the military airline, Air Transport Command. The rest of the fleet and personnel continued to operate domestic flights. Immediately after the war, from 1945 to 1950, American controlled American Overseas Airlines (AOA). ODL also served several European countries and these were American Airlines' first European services. AOA was created by the merger of American's international division with American Export Airlines. AOA was merged into Pan American World Airways in 1950.


The first Douglas DC-6 entered the fleet in 1947, followed by the Convair 240 in 1948. By 1949, American was the only American airline with a complete post-war fleet of pressurized passenger aircraft. On January 25, 1959, American became the first to offer coast-to-coast jet service with the Boeing 707. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Boeing 727 (1964), the Boeing 747 (1966) followed, and in 1968 it was the first to order the McDonnell Douglas DC-10, which made its first scheduled flight in August 1971.


American Airlines started its first routes in the Caribbean through a merger with Trans Caribbean Airways in 1970. It expanded these routes in the early 1970s and acquired other Caribbean routes from Pan American World Airways in 1975. In 1978-1979, aviation was deregulated and American Airlines launched services to new destinations in the United States and the Caribbean. In 1982, the first Boeing 767 joined the fleet and American carried its 500 millionth passenger.


In May 1982, American Airlines returned to Europe with services between Gatwick Airport and Dallas-Forth Worth.


At the end of 2011, American filed for bankruptcy. Under the auspices of the court, American Airlines negotiated with creditors, banks, employees, and shareholders to settle. The company was allowed to continue flying during the restructuring. Creditors wanted to effect a merger to make the company financially healthy again.


On Thursday, February 14, 2013, US Airways and American Airlines signed a merger agreement. The new airline will be named after the larger of the two, American Airlines. The 'new' American Airlines will have about 1000 aircraft and about 90,000 employees. This makes it the largest airline in the world. The airline companies expect to save more than $1 billion in costs by merging.


American Airlines has nearly 900 aircraft in its fleet, including Boeing 777s, Boeing 767s, and Boeing 757s. With this fleet, American Airlines flies its passengers to more than 250 destinations in more than 40 countries.


Travel classes American Airlines

There are different travel classes when flying with American Airlines. These differ by type, domestic, international, or intercontinental, flight:

Basic Economy

Basic Economy is the cheapest flight option offered by American Airlines. You pay extra for extra services, such as pre-booking your seat. Your ticket includes 1 piece of hand luggage, but it must fit under the seat in front of you. You do not have access to the luggage compartments above the seats. These seats are only bookable on select domestic flights in the United States.

Main Cabin

The second option offered by American Airlines is a Main Cabin ticket. You can book these tickets on flights from Europe to the United States (and vice versa). This ticket includes 2 hot meals, snacks, and drinks. Time will also fly by while you watch one of the more than 300 films and TV series on the inflight entertainment system. Some planes even offer WiFi.

Main Cabin Extra

In addition to all the benefits of the Main Cabin ticket, with a Main Cabin Extra ticket, you also enjoy extra legroom and priority boarding and alighting.

Premium Economy

A more luxurious option onboard an American Airlines flight in Premium Economy. This class is only available on select routes from Dallas, Texas. If you can book a Premium Economy ticket, you will benefit from a lot of luxury and comfort, such as ergonomic seats, delicious meals, inflight entertainment, and WiFi. You can also get in and out as the first group.


Business Class

Business Class tickets are only available on shorter international flights (less than 3000 miles). However, with such a ticket you enjoy the best service during your flight. You have priority at check-in, security, and boarding and before you board the plane you can relax in an Admirals Club Lounge. You fly with more legroom and more spacious seats. The food is also delicious, combined with a fantastic wine it is a fine culinary experience.

First Class

First Class is similar to Business Class, but these tickets are only available on flights within the United States. During these shorter flights, you will enjoy comfortable, wide seats and plenty of legroom. The menus are created by a well-known Dallas chef, so the food on board is fantastic. In addition, you also have access to WiFi and an in-flight entertainment system.

Flagship Business

You can fly Flagship Business on domestic flights within the United States and international flights. You enjoy all the benefits that you also enjoy in First Class, the only extras this ticket offers are watching live TV and a care kit.

Flagship First Class

The most expensive and most luxurious American Airlines tickets are the Flagship First Class tickets. Fly to your destination in luxury and enjoy the best meals, in-flight entertainment, and much more.

AAdvantage Program

With American Airlines' AAdvantage frequent flyer program, you can earn miles while you fly. You also receive Miles with cooperating airlines in the Oneworld alliance and other participating airlines. Together, these airlines offer flights to as many as 1000 destinations worldwide.

American Airlines Luggage Conditions

If you are going to fly with American Airlines, check the dimensions and baggage conditions of American Airlines before you leave:

American Airlines Cabin Luggage Rules

American Airlines allows you to take 1 bag and 1 personal item as hand luggage. The maximum dimensions of hand luggage on American Airlines are 23 x 36 x 56 centimeters.

American Airlines Checked Luggage Rules

The cost of a suitcase is included in the ticket price with American Airlines. If you want to take more than 1 suitcase, you have to pay extra. Each suitcase may weigh a maximum of 23 kg and a maximum size of 158 cm.