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Thank you for your request!

Unfortunately we don’t do domestic flights.

But let us know next time you travel internationally and we will be happy to help!

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Cheap Business and First class from Chicago to Seoul

Not very long ago, it was unfathomable that you could have an enclosed cabin on board an international flight without chartering or owning your own aircraft. Great leaps in airplane technology and a firm commitment by airlines to deliver excellence in the air has changed that.

Advantages of Flying First Class

Today, many of the features that you would expect in a 5-star hotel can be found in a first class or business class cabin in the air:

  • Meals designed and prepared by world-renowned chefs.
  • Fine wines to accompany your meals.
  • The latest entertainment, as well as classics.
  • Incomparable service.

All these amenities have all made their mark on air travel and you can enjoy them on your trip from Chicago to Seoul, Korea.

The best option for this route would be the only direct flight between these two cities – Korean Airlines’ flight 38. This is a Boeing 777-300ER that completes the route in 13 hours 50 minutes. The flight’s cruising attitude is 8,850 m and it flies at approximately 581 mph.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

The I Fly First Class family grows larger every day as more people discover the ease and comfort with which they can obtain cheap first class and business class plane tickets through us. Not only is our process simple, it is also your gateway to one of the most extensive networks in the airline industry anywhere across the globe.

There is a significant difference between the capacity of I Fly First Class and other similar travel concierge services. Whereas the ability to obtain attractive prices is fairly common, only we have the reach to offer you deals that are not available anywhere else.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

As part of our commitment to ensuring that each I Fly First Class client gets the premium service he or she deserves, we have invested significant effort in simplifying the process of finding tickets through us.

At the core of our approach is the ‘single step’. This means that you will never have to contact us more than once to obtain the flight tickets that you want. We offer three contact options – phone, email and website – for you to share your needs with us.

If you would like to speak to I Fly First Class immediately, the best option is our toll-free number (in the U.S.A.) - 1-800-385-1359. Calling this number puts you in touch with our large team of travel planning experts who will be able to share with you the best and cheapest flights available to your destination.

Some clients prefer to leave their fight requirements with us and have us contact them with a list of the best options. For this you can either email us or fill in the online on our website. Our email address is and the online form can be found on our website,

It does not matter how you choose to contact us; you are always assured of the premium quality customer service that so many others have come to love. Join that exclusive group today.

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Joanne S.
Overall, I was pleased with the outcome. I was a bit confused along the way to finally booking the flight but all went well, and the price of business class is unbeatable.
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