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Cheap Business and First class from Chicago to Tokyo

Flying out of Chicago

Chicago, the third most populous city in the United States is served by two international airports – O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and Midway International Airport. However, to fly to Tokyo, you will have to depart from Chicago O’Hare as Midway’s international routes are only to Mexico.

The world’s sixth-busiest airport (and the third-busiest in the United States) handles almost 72 million passengers every year. Serving over 200 destinations worldwide, it is conveniently located 27 km from ‘The Loop’, Chicago’s central business district.

Flying into Tokyo

Tokyo is served by two international airports – Haneda and Narita. You can fly to either of these two international airports from Chicago O’Hare. All Nippon Airways flies to both Haneda and Narita Airports while American Airlines, Japan Airlines, United Airlines fly only to Narita.

The facilities at both airports are equally good; most travellers choose one over the other based on their forward travel plans in Japan because of the difference in the distance of each from Tokyo.

HND - Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport is just 15 km from the centre of the city, making it the most convenient stop for anyone short on time. By rail, the commute from Haneda to Tokyo takes just half an hour.

NRT - Narita Airport

Narita Airport is situated not in Tokyo, but in Chiba prefecture, 65 km away. A train ride to Tokyo from Narita will take over an hour.

Why Fly First Class?

The thirteen-hour one-way trip between Chicago and Tokyo can be quite an ordeal if you are in an economy class seat. Imagine how you would look and feel when you arrive – is that how you want to be seen by family and friends, or by bosses, colleagues and subordinates?

Investing in a first class or business class set lets you enjoy good food and drink, excellent entertainment and incomparable service even before you step on your plane.

Pass the time relaxing in the premier lounge at O’Hare while you wait to board. Breeze through the gates with priority boarding. Savour first-rate meals and exceptional wine selections on board. Drift peacefully off to sleep on the lie-flat bed.

These are the experiences that await with first class travel.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

I Fly First Class is more than your ordinary travel concierge – we bring the full weight of our extensive knowledge and experience in the aviation industry to give you the flight tickets you want at prices you cannot refuse.

If you have been told that the flight you were looking at has been booked out or if the ‘discount’ you received did not seem worthwhile, we urge you to contact us. I Fly First Class regularly obtains last minute, hard-to-get-tickets. We offer lower prices than any you can get yourself.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

The magic of I Fly First Class is that you never have to find anything yourself – we do it all for you. Simply call, email or fill out the form on our website and we deliver the best seats at the best prices directly to you, no effort required.

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An I Fly First Class experience will change the way you see first-class travel. Discover the difference with us today.

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Our return flights with Lufthansa between Boston and Berlin were terrific. Thank you for your help
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