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Advantages of Flying First Class from New York to Dubai

Is it really possible to have two showers while you are cruising 30,000 feet above the planet? Or to close a door and have an entire double bed to yourself in an aircraft cabin while flying between two cities?

With first class travel on certain sectors, some airlines are making that scenario possible, and even routine, every day.

Such unusual experiences are simply the more amazing adventures in which you can indulge while traveling on a first class ticket. While they may not available on all flights, you are always assured of the best food and wine, delightful personal attention and a host of entertainment and personal comfort options.

Although New York and Dubai are both major tourist hubs, certain restrictions mean that only Emirates Airways, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) where Dubai is located, flies direct from New York to that city.

Taking off from New York’s JFK Airport (JFK) and arriving at Dubai International Airport (DXB), the flight duration is between 12 hours 30 minutes and 12 hours 50 minutes. Emirates operates a specially-fitted Airbus A380 on this sector, which allows it to provide individual suites to each first class passenger.

Airports in Dubai

Direct flights from New York all land at Dubai International Airport (DXB), the busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, which also has a series of records to its name.

The massive complex is built over 2,900 hectares (7,200 acres) of land, making it the largest airline hub in the Middle East. Its Terminal 3 is the world's largest airport terminal and also the largest building in the world by floor space.

The safety and security standards in place are extraordinary - all foreign passengers arriving at DXB (and every airport in the U.A.E.) are subject to retinal scans. A state-of-the-art drugs detection system can be triggered by as little as 0.001 grams of illegal drugs on a person.

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If convenience and saving time are important to your family and you, look no further than I Fly First Class. Covering the world’s top destinations and an ever-increasing number of other cities to which our clients may need to travel, we bring the lowest first class and business class airfares directly to you.

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There is no simpler way to find tickets than through I Fly First Class. We have reduced the process to a single step: just contact us once.

If you would like to speak to someone immediately, you can call us. Otherwise, you can leave us your details and have us call you with the best deals available.

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The desert and sea await you in Dubai. Fly there with I Fly First Class today.

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