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Advantages of Flying First Class from New York to Milan

First class air travel is the consummate example of how you do not have to abandon the luxury to which you are accustomed simply because you leave home.

If you love your food and drink, there is gourmet food and fine wine selections that rival what you may find in a leading restaurant. If rest and recuperation is the priority, lie-flat beds bring the feeling of your bedroom to your plane cabin. For those looking to be entertained, large personal flat screens and high-quality headphones deliver superior images and sound.

There are several daily flights from New York to Milan, Italy operated by a number of carriers. However, only the Italian carrier, Alitalia, and Emirates Airways offer first class seating here.

Emirates is the more luxurious option with its Airbus A380 individual suites. Alitalia offers lie-flat seats in the first class cabin aboard its A330. These two carriers are joined by United and American Airlines in the business class offering with lie-flat seats. Of these, only American Airlines does not have inflight Wi-Fi.

Apart from United Airlines which flies from Newark Airport (EWR), all direct flights to Milan take off from New York’s JFK Airport (JFK). However, they all land at Milan’s Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP).

Airports in Milan

There are two international airports in Milan - Linate International Airport (LIN) and Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP). All direct flights from New York land at the latter.

Located 29 miles (41 km) from the city, it is the larger of the two and handles about 20 million passengers a year.

Local express trains run every half hour to two terminal stations while two daily high-speed services connect it to the larger region. The airport is also accessible by highways and motorways.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

I Fly First Class is not your traditional travel concierge; we are a team of professional travel experts with a vast network of aviation industry connections. This gives us the ability to offer a range of services that far exceed what others are able to.

While cheap first class and business class airfares are always our priority, we can even help you find seats on a flight of your choice when others tell you they are unavailable. Our booking process is simple, transparent and ensures that you are always in control of your travel decisions.

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The magic of the I Fly First Class experience is that no one ever needs to find tickets on their own. Our team of professional travel experts are standing by right now for your enquiries.

You may contact us via any one of these three convenient ways:

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The toll-free number is ideal for those in a hurry who would like to speak to one of our travel experts immediately. If you would rather contact our team with your requirements and then have a list of the best first class and business class travel options conveyed to you, email or the online form will suit you better.

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