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First class travel has always been one of the most prestigious clubs of which you can choose to be a part. While air travel itself has become accessible to larger proportions of the population, elite travel has always kept pace with those developments.

Advantages of Flying First Class

What was first class air service in the years gone by has become a part of regular travel, but only because first class travel of today offers an experience in the air - which actually starts on the ground – that travelers of yesteryear would never have imagined possible.

There is not just the incomparable service that equals that of the best hotels, it is also the fact that many amenities you would assume are limited to hotels are made available to you while you cruise far above the surface of the earth.

Gourmet food is virtually a given on any airline in first class. The meals are usually accompanied by wine specially chosen to complement your status. Major airlines nowadays even offer the option of double beds within enclosed cabins that offer comfort comparable to those found in leading hotels.

Two airlines fly direct from New York to Munich - Lufthansa and United.

Lufthansa operates two flights, one from JFK International Airport (JFK) and the other from Newark's Liberty International Airport (EWR). United operates a single flight from Newark Airport. All three flights land at Munich International Airport (MUC).

The Lufthansa flight from JFK is 8 hours 5 minutes long, the same as the United flight from Newark. However, the Lufthansa flight from Newark takes a marginally shorter time than both at 7 hours and 55 minutes.

Lufthansa operates the Airbus A340 on this sector and offers first class seats while United uses the Boeing 767 and has business class but no first class. However, all three have lie-flat seats for the overnight journey. All three flights also offer in-flight Wi-Fi.

The cruising altitude of the Lufthansa planes is 11,280 m while United’s Boeing flies at 10,680 m.

Airports in Munich

There is a single international airport in Munich, the Munich International Airport located 18 miles (29 kilometers) northeast of Munich. Its official name is Franz Josef Strauss Airport.

The facility is well connected by road and rail to the city of Munich. A train or bus to the main central station takes approximately 45 minutes. The journey takes about 35 minutes by car.

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