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Advantages of Flying First Class from New York to Sydney

If you have ever felt stressed or encumbered by guidelines and bureaucracy when traveling, perhaps flying first class is the answer. Gone are the long lines at check-in, replaced by dedicated counters. Say goodbye to restrictive baggage limits and enjoy generous allowances.

When you board, a word of luxury and privilege awaits – fine wine and food, large personal screens and high-quality headphones, and excellent service that brings out the best of the experience.

Especially on a long-haul flight, these elements come together to create a world where lifelong memories are made.

New York and Sydney, Australia are separated by the breadth of both the continent of North America and the Pacific Ocean, a whopping 9929-mile journey. No airway flies direct between these two fun cities but a number of them offer single-stop flights.

The two quickest options are an American Airlines-Qantas combination which touches down in Sydney within 22 hours and a wholly American Airlines choice which takes 10 minutes longer.

The first has a layover in Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) for 1 hour 15 minutes after a journey on a United A321 with standard recliner seats. The Qantas leg is performed on an Airbus A380 with lie flat seats.

The 100% United Airlines option uses an Airbus A321 from JFK to LAX, where there is a 40-minute layover. The second leg is on a Boeing 777.  Both aircraft have lie-flat seats and inflight Wi-Fi.

Airports in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is served by a single international civilian airport – Kingsford-Smith Airport (SYD). Located just 5 miles (8 km) from the heart of the city, it is Australia’s largest, handling 42 million passenger movements a year.

An underground rail line connects the airport to the city. However, it is not used solely for airport transfers but forms part of the regular state rail network. A bus service connects the facility to the world-famous Bondi Beach. The excellent road network allows passengers to travel quickly from the airport to the city and also to regional destinations.

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How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

We know you are a busy individual, and we have created the I Fly First Class system to reflect that. The process of finding tickets through I Fly First Class has been simplified to a single step: contact us.

Simply connect with us via any of these three convenient methods:

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