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Thank you for your request!

Unfortunately we don’t do domestic flights.

But let us know next time you travel internationally and we will be happy to help!

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Cheap Business and First class from Sydney to Taipei

The world is catching the premium travel bug. More passengers than ever before are traveling either first class or business class… and loving the experience.

Advantages of Flying First Class

A large contributing factor to this trend is a concerted effort by many airlines to enhance the premium travel experience through better service, improved wining and dining options on board, better seat designs which offer more comfort, larger legroom and personal space, and also better entertainment options.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you should discover what you have been missing.

There is only a single option if you want to fly direct from Sydney to Taipei – China Airlines flight 52. These are the flight details:

  • Aircraft: Airbus A330.
  • Route distance: 4,532 miles.
  • Flight time: 9 hours 55 minutes.
  • Cruising speed: 551 mph.
  • Cruising altitude: 10, 980 m.

CAL 52 is an overnight flight. It offers the option of business seating but no first class cabin.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

There are many travel agents and websites that promise cheap plane fares; some would say too many. Unfortunately, despite the large number of options at the disposal of the traveler, it seems that the process has not become easier and smoother but more complicated and confusing.

This is where I Fly First Class comes in. We do not have a flashy website shining pop-ups and banners at your screen; we opt for a subdued, orderly presentation that caters to the elite traveler. Whereas others may offer discounts after you hunt for and apply coupons, I Fly First Class gives you that advantage upfront and without the hassle.

What really sets apart I Fly First Class from the rest of the crowd, though, is our ability to source last minute tickets on flights that others will tell you are full. It is how we obtain discounts for our clientele that are beyond the reach of other service providers.

Join us today and discover how first class and business class travel should begin.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

When we first came up with the concept of I Fly First Class, we focused on how to simplify things, how to create a portal through which every client could obtain the flight of their dreams at the best price with the least amount of effort.

The answer was to reduce the process to a single step. I Fly First Class prides itself on finding you the best plane seats and at the lowest prices with a single interaction. There is no long, arduous process - all you have to do is tell us what you want and we take care of the rest.

To do this, you may use any of our three options?

  • Phone – Call us at our toll-free number (in the U.S.A.), 1-800-385-1359. One of our travel concierge specialists will attend to your enquiries immediately.
  • Email – Our email address is: Simply email us your needs and we contact you with the best deals on the best flights.
  • Website – We have an online form on our website, Fill in the details of your travel plans and we will respond with the cheapest flight seats that apply.

There is no simpler way to find the best first class and business class deals, and that is the reason more people than ever before are choosing I Fly First Class. Why not see for yourself why?

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Joanne S.
Overall, I was pleased with the outcome. I was a bit confused along the way to finally booking the flight but all went well, and the price of business class is unbeatable.
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