South African Adventures with First Class Flights to Johannesburg

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The Cradle of Humankind is our Top Reason to Fly First Class to Johannesburg

The Cradle of Humankind Top Reason to Fly First Class to Johannesburg - IFlyFirstClass

Discover the origins of all human life in the Cradle of Humankind. The site’s 116,000-plus acres encompass 13 important excavation sites that tell much of the story of man’s evolution. Visitors enter the Maropeng Visitors Center to an exhibit detailing the creation of earth. An underground boat ride continues the journey, showcasing the earth’s geologic transformation over millions of years. The self-guided tour’s final stage gives visitors a chance to learn about the evolution of man with interactive displays and games. The Cradle of Humankind is about 40 miles from Johannesburg. Those who like traveling in luxury with first class flights to Johannesburg will be pleased to find that there is a luxury boutique hotel within walking distance of the World Heritage Site.

Fly First Class to Johannesburg to Experience the Apartheid Museum

following your first class flight to Johannesburg - IFlyFirstClass

South Africa’s sad history of apartheid is explored in a variety of sites in Johannesburg. The Apartheid Museum is one of the country’s best, providing opportunities for visitors to experience first-hand the classification and segregation non-whites suffered during apartheid. The museum houses 21 permanent exhibitions designed to help visitors imagine life under apartheid, visualize the executions that took place and honor the arduous but victorious path to equality. The exhibits are moving, graphic, revelatory and often disturbing. Because of the adult nature of the subject and exhibits, kids under 11 years of age should not attend. Be sure to put the museum and other related apartheid and reconciliation sites on your to-do list following your first class flight to Johannesburg.

First Class Flight to Johannesburg? The Lion Park is on the Way!

 your first class flight to Johannesburg funnels through Lanseria - IFlyFirstClass

It’s easy to see why Lion Park is the top destination in all of Johannesburg’s Gauteng province. You’ll get extra-close to Africa’s beloved Transvaal and white lions and a host of other native animals. You’ll interact with playful lion cubs, giraffes and ostriches. You’ll see South African cheetah, antelope, zebra, striped hyena and a variety of other wildlife. Visitors can either drive their own vehicles through the park or ride in one of the park’s carts. The park offers special nighttime tours, photographic tours, a kids playground and a host of eating options. Lion Park is close to Lanseria Airport. It’s a good way to get your bearings and feel the South African ambiance if your first class flight to Johannesburg funnels through Lanseria.

Take the Whole Family on A First Class Flight to Johannesburg’s Gold Reef City

a long first class flight to Johannesburg - IFlyFirstClass

Gold Reef City offers all the fun and activity you’ll want after a long first class flight to Johannesburg. The amusement park and entertainment complex is one of the country’s top family entertainment venues for good reason. It celebrates the region’s heritage in gold mining, and it’s designed to resemble an authentic gold mining town. The theme park boasts the adrenaline-inducing Anaconda, Miner’s Revenge, Jozi Express and Golden Loop roller coasters. The theme park also offers water rides down plunging rapids, kid-friendly activities and dozens of exciting thrill rides. A 4-D theater, children’s area and a petting zoo add extra touches of fun. Gold Reef City is also home to a science museum, a gold mining museum and a wide variety of restaurants and hotels.