The Netherlands: First Class Flights and Sights

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Amsterdam is a First-Class City

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Thriving Amsterdam is a delightful stop on any Netherlands trip. Picturesque canals wind their way through the city, offering ample transportation and scenic views. Riding a bike through the city is the perfect way to enjoy many of Amsterdam’s best features, and you’ll feel like a local in the process. This bustling city is awash in notable cultural and historic sites. You can find several of the city’s best museums on Museum Square, or Museumplein. These attractions include the majestic Rijksmuseum, where you can marvel at the extensive Dutch art collection. Also on the square are the entrancing Van Gogh museum, the Stedelijk Museum and several other attractions. Elsewhere in the city, you can tour Anne Frank’s house, Rembrandt House Museum and Hermitage Amsterdam. Some of the city’s most treasured brands also offer visitors a chance to experience their products. You can enjoy the Heineken Experience and revel in Closter Diamond’s Diamond Museum. There are also dozens of beautifully historic sites in Amsterdam, including the Royal Palace, Westerkerk and Nieuwe Kerk. To enjoy all of Amsterdam’s many pleasures, book business class tickets to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, 20 minutes from the city center.

Zaandam: From Modern Business Class Flights to Historic Villages

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Just 18 miles from Amsterdam, Zaandam is a lovely day or weekend trip from the city. Located on the appealing River Zan, Zaandam is probably best known for its incredible open air museum. This museum in the Zaanse Schans neighborhood boasts eight 18th-century wooden windmills and dozens of historic buildings. If your image of the Netherlands is of sweeping fields, lush cow pastures and picturesque windmills, you’ll find the real life version here. The Bakery Museum is a special treat, featuring a marble floor, traditional cookware and a wide range of delicious baked goods. You’ll also see a 19th-century grocery market, the Museum of the Dutch Clock and an old Weaver’s House. Zaanse Schans is on the waterfront, so you can enjoy a sailing tour of the historic buildings. You can also bike along the traditional buildings. To reach Zaandam, it’s easiest to schedule your business class flight for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Fly Business Class to see Gorgeous Utrecht

Utrecht’s historic sites are worth a business class flight to Amsterdam. - IFlyFirstClass

The city of Utrecht has a magnificent collection of medieval fortresses, churches and castles. Although it’s close enough to Amsterdam for a quick day trip, you’re smart to spend more than an afternoon in this stellar city. Dom Tower is the most recognizable landmark in Utrecht. Its Gothic expanse reaches 367 feet into the sky. If you’re willing to climb its 465 steps, you’ll gain an excellent view of the city. You can also see the 11th-century Pieterskerk church and have a beer in the 13th-century Town Castle Oudaen. Utrecht also has some noteworthy, newer sites. St. Willibrord’s Church, for instance, is a fabulous 19th-century Gothic Revival Church that is worth your time. There are plenty of attractions in the outlying areas too. These include the Ouwehand Zoo’s white lions and Bear Forest and the Botanical Gardens at Fort Hoofddijk. To get here, schedule your business class flight for Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and enjoy the quick 30-minute train ride to Utrecht.

It's a Delightful First Class Flight to See Den Bosch

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The southern Netherlands city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch, is a fun mix of medieval sites, modern attractions and loads of festivals. As one of the country’s oldest towns, Den Bosch has a terrific medieval city center. In fact, the Netherlands’ oldest brick building, the Moriaan, is located here. The building’s original 13th-century wooden beams can still be seen if you head down to the basement. St. John’s Cathedral is one of the city’s most imposing buildings, a prime example of Brabant Gothic design. Built in the late 13th century, the cathedral has immense stained glass windows, amazing rooftop gargoyles and 59
bells. The city also has many other beautiful old fortresses and buildings, but its newer sites are just as interesting. You can swim and play at The Sportiom, sail the River Binnendieze or shop in the picturesque Minderbroeders square. Den Bosch is within an hour-and-a-half of the Belgian and German borders, so you have several options for your business class flight destination.