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Get Some Rest After The Business Class Flight on Glenelg Beach

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If you flew for sevral hours in your business class seat, youo should defitnatley visit Glenelg Beach. There are dozens of beaches in and around Adelaide, but Glenelg is a long-time favorite. The best way to get to the scenic beach village is to hop on the Glenelg Tram light-rail train in Adelaide’s CBD. The tram ride is just about a half hour and takes you through some of Adelaide’s neighborhoods. Glenelg itself is a classic beach town, complete with wide sandy beaches, sidewalk cafes and plenty of palm trees. Join a dolphin sailing tour at Holdfast Marina to spend some time swimming with wild dolphins, or take a boat out to snorkel and scuba dive along the reefs. For adrenaline-junkies, jet boat rides fulfill the need for speed, and visitors with a more contemplative side appreciate the town’s many fishing tours.

It's worth flying to Adelaide Zoo with Business Class Tickets

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Koalas, pandas and binturong are just a few of the animals that make Adelaide Zoo an exciting adventure. The zoo is home to more than 3,000 exotic mammals, birds, native mammals, reptiles and fish. Wander through the zoo on a Walkabout Tour to enjoy the botanic environment and get a good feel for all that the zoo offers. Tours take you through areas like the Animal Health Centre, the Australian Rainforest Aviary and the Reptile House. Interactive experiences bring you eye-to-eye with many of the animals. Feed the giraffe, assist with a hippo’s daily mouth check, hand-feed a Giant Panda or hang out with the wombats. You can even sleep over at the zoo during its special Wild Nights. You could also consider flying business class to Adelaide Zoo

Look Adelaide Oval From The First Class Cabin

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Given Adelaide’s gorgeous natural setting, it’s no wonder recreation, sports and thrill-seeking adventures are a big part of daily life. This is particularly evident at the impressive Adelaide Oval. Considered one of the most beautiful Test Cricket grounds in the country, its recent multi-million-dollar redevelopment also made it the perfect arena for AFL Football matches. You can also catch a variety of other sporting events like rugby test matches at the Oval. It’s not all spectator sports at the Oval though. If you want to satisfy your thrill-seeking urges, check out the Oval’s RoofClimb experience. You’ll walk across the arena’s rooftop, enjoying spectacular views of the city and river. For a tamer thrill, take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Oval. Business class seats should be a very good deal

Visit Port Adelaide with Cheap Business Class Seats

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Just nine miles north of Adelaide’s Central Business District, historic Port Adelaide invites you to experience the early days of the 19th-century settlement. As you stroll through the charming streets, you’ll see grand old Victorian homes and rough-hewn wharves that make you feel like you’ve just stepped back in time. You’ll be drawn to the area’s vintage hotels and inviting old pubs and taverns for a little relaxation and refreshment. The National Railway Museum, Maritime Museum and South Australian Aviation Museum are fascinating to visitors of all ages and provide a taste of the city’s heritage. Like any true Adelaide neighborhood and suburb, you’ll also find several noteworthy festivals here, including the Port Festival and SALA Festival. Cheap Business Class Tickets to Adelaide are waiting