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After a Business Class Flight, Get Back to Nature at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Snap up last minute business class deals so you can visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - IFlyFirstClass

Everyone needs a little cuddle now and again. Luckily, you can hold and snuggle as many koalas as you want at the Lone Pine Sanctuary. It’s especially a treat after a long last minute flight to Brisbane. The largest koala sanctuary in the world, the facility is home to 130 koalas. Lone Pine nurtures many different animals in its various habitats. You can feed the kangaroos, hold a raptor or handle a snake. You can also hand-feed wallabies and lorikeets or watch sheep dogs herd their flocks. The sanctuary is one of the few places you can see Tasmanian Devil and platypus demonstrations. Birds on site include kookaburras, cassowarys and emus. There are also wombats, crocodiles, bats, monitors and barking owls. Lone Pine was established in 1927, making it the first koala sanctuary in the world.


Paradise in the Air and on Land: Business Class Flights and Roma Street Parkland

Cheap business class flights transport you to delightful Southern Hemisphere gardens. - IFlyFirstClass

If your last minute flight takes you to Brisbane for business, your sightseeing time may be limited. Fortunately, this park gem is close enough to the CBD that you can pop over for a quick hour or two. The parkland is central to life in Brisbane. You can wander along the waterways and world-renowned gardens or take a guided walk. Guided tours are free and only last an hour, but they give you a wealth of insight into the park. If you’re casually roaming the park, be sure to visit the Spectacle Garden. There, you’ll enjoy vibrantly colored flowers and art and tranquil water features. If you have time to cover more ground, visit the rainforest and Fern Gully. Enjoy live music at the Amphitheatre. Enjoy a picnic, and feed the ducks at the Lake Precinct. Explore a festival at the Celebration Precinct, or peruse the Queensland Greats wall. 

St. Thomas Brisbane Planetarium Gives Your Business Class Flight to Brisbane Perspective

Make the most of a last minute flight to Brisbane by learning about the night sky. - IFlyFirstClass

You’ve traveled many hours on your business class flight to Brisbane. Take a couple of hours at the acclaimed planetarium to find out what you see in Brisbane’s night sky. In fact, some people think that stargazing is better in the Southern Hemisphere. Shows in the planetarium's Cosmic Skydome immerse you in the local sky’s features. You’ll see the Southern Cross and learn about the Magellanic Clouds. You’ll enjoy general shows about Brisbane’s night sky and specialized shows. Special shows explore topics like starlight, cosmic collisions, black holes and the dark universe. You’ll also find an observatory, a mini theater and an interactive Display Zone. Astronomers are always on hand to talk with visitors.

Superb Views from First Class Flights and Mount Coot-tha

 Save on a Brisbane adventure with cheap business class flights and recreation on Mount Coot-tha - IFlyFirstClass

Majestic Mount Coot-tha dominates Brisbane’s western skyline, and it provides countless adventures. At 941 feet above sea level, the hill peak gives you panoramic views of the city and bay. Its Brisbane Lookout is legendary for spectacular views and entertainment. A cafe and a restaurant at the summit give you excellent dining options with stellar vistas. Need to stretch your legs after a long, last minute business flight to Brisbane? Take a walk or jog along the 31 miles of walking paths through eucalyptus groves. Visit the botanical garden, and enjoy a peaceful afternoon in its Japanese Gardens. If the sound of rushing water soothes you, check out some of the reserve’s many waterfalls. Simpson Falls and JC Slaughter Falls are two local favorites.