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Business Class Deals to Doha for the Ultimate Luxury

Take last minute business class flights to Doha for a world-class experience. - IFlyFirstClass

Well-to-do and infinitely modern, Doha is an enticing city. Perched along the Persian Gulf, Doha is home to countless skyscrapers and contemporary buildings. This is particularly evident along the city’s beautiful Corniche. The waterfront promenade takes you past mood-lifting palm trees and towering glass buildings. The walkway also gives you superb views of the bay, the city and Old Palm Trees Island. Upscale shopping, dining, lodging and golfing are abundant here. Pursuing these modern activities and luxuries could easily consume your entire stay. You’d be missing out on magnificent experiences, though, if you only enjoy modern parts of the city. Barzan Towers, Al Wajba Fort and Al Koot Fort give you a sense of life in past centuries. You can further explore the region’s traditions by visiting the Museum of Islamic Art. There are plenty more activities and attractions to see in Doha. You can experience them all with discounted business class seats to Hamad International Airport.

Snag Business Class Deals to Discover Al Zubarah

Take business class flights to Doha to explore the historic ruins and forts of Zubarah. - IFlyFirstClass

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Al Zubarah showcases desert life in the 18th and 19th centuries. This archaeological site allows you to explore this once-busy port and commercial pearl center. The area boasts two historic forts. The first, Murair Fort, dates back to the town’s earliest days. The second, Zubarah Fort, was built in the early 20th century. This latter fort remains standing and is a fascinating place to explore. Several tour options in the area allow you to set your own pace while discovering this compelling town. You can join a guided tour to learn more about its pearl diving history and port activities. You can take a self-guided tour, or you can take one of the many Doha hotel tours to the area. Although Al Zubarah is at the northwest edge of Qatar, it’s an easy day trip from Doha. The drive usually takes about an hour and a half each way. For the best bargains, search for discounted business class tickets to Doha and shuttle to Zubarah.

Revel in Khor al-Adaid and the Desert with Business Class Tickets

Take a desert safari to the incredible Inland Sea with business class flights to Doha. - IFlyFirstClass

Khor al-Adaid is known as the Inland Sea for its broad inlet surrounded by undulating sand dunes. It’s an easy day trip from Doha, tucked as it is just south of the city. With the desert and bay at your feet, Khor al-Adaid offers the best of Qatar recreation. You can sand ski and dune surf down the steep, towering dunes. If you want even faster thrills, you can also ride quad bikes and ATVs down the sand slopes. The bay saltwater is a perfect place to boat, fish and wade from fall to spring. You can even rent equipment to spear fish in deeper parts of the water. Camping amid the dunes is popular, and you’ll gain incredible moonlit views of the dunes and water. Many Doha resorts offer desert safaris here so you can sleep in Bedouin tents and enjoy desert sunsets. To experience the Arabian splendor of Khor al-Adaid, find business class deals to Doha.

Book Business Class to Doha for a Desert Beach Holiday

Lush experiences in Zekreet with business class seats to Doha. - IFlyFirstClass

The route from Doha to Bir Zekreet is a wondrous treat, best made aboard a rugged four-wheel drive. You’ll see small coves with flamingos, desert mushrooms and, eventually, farms with ostriches. Once you’re in Zekreet the amazing sights and experiences continue. Camping on the beach is popular, giving visitors a chance to enjoy the desert beach setting in a new way. Crab hunting and watching for ostriches, gazelles and oryx are favorite pastimes. Local ostriches are aggressive during breeding season, so visit during their off-season. The limestone cliff in Zekreet is stunning, and there are dozens of other fascinating rock formations. Zekreet Fort is a big draw to the area. It was constructed in the 18th century and gives you an authentic feel of old Arabia. Nearby Film City is also an interesting site. It features a man-made oasis and Arabian palace constructed for a film project. To reach Zekreet, take last minute business class flights to Hamad International Airport in Doha.