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Business Class to the Bright Lights of Taipei

 Find money-saving business class deals so you can spend more time in bustling Taipei. - IFlyFirstClass

There’s never a dull moment in bustling Taipei and New Taipei City. With skylines showcasing dozens of skyscrapers, industry is clearly booming here. The most famous of these Taipei skyscrapers, Taipei 101, also offers one of the most thrilling adventures in town. Its elevator is the fastest in the world, taking you to magnificent 91st-floor views. Other exciting experiences in this world-class city include Taipei’s legendary night markets. Shilin is the most well-known of these night markets, but there are others such as Raohe, Shida and Huaxi. Taipei is the capital city, and as such, it has many national landmarks and institutions. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is notable for its commemoration of the famous leader. It’s also beloved for its beautiful gardens and water features. Museum-lovers treasure the city’s many options. Best bets include the National Palace Museum, National Taiwan Museum and National Museum of History. The city is known for first-class shopping, dining, amusement parks and parks as well.Be ready to get your Business Class to Taipei

Take Last Minute Flights to Scenic Kaohsiung City

Book discounted business class tickets to enjoy the port city of Kaohsiung. - IFlyFirstClass

Although Kaohsiung City is home to nearly three million people, it’s less frenetic-feeling than Taipei. This calmness is partly due to the city’s picturesque Love River. Walk, bike or jog alongside the river, or enjoy the many riverfront parks and cafes. Kaohsiung is an important port city, and its harbor provides excellent entertainment. Amidst the harbor is a narrow island called the Cijin District. It’s a perfect place to explore the city’s history by visiting the fascinating fort, lighthouse and temple sites. Buddhist and Taoist religions blend frequently in Kaohsiung, and landmarks like Spring and Autumn Pavilions are good examples. Kaohsiung’s busy Lingya District offers visitors many interesting sites, including Tuntex Sky Tower. The 1,240-foot tower is a breathtaking spot for city and harbor views. The National Science and Technology Museum, Shoushan Zoo and the Astronomical Museum are worth your time too. To explore captivating Kaohsiung, book business class deals to Kaohsiung International Airport.

Fly Business Class to Hualien City for Divine Beaches, Marble Mountains

Experience the wilds of tropical Taiwan with first class deals to Hualien. - IFlyFirstClass

On Taiwan’s mountainous east coast, Hualien City is a retreat from the country’s big cities. It is also a nature lover’s paradise. As a seaside city, the ocean features prominently in Hualien hot spots. Head to the harbor to chat with local fishermen and watch the boats come in. Enjoy the dolphin and sea lion exhibits at Farglory Ocean Park. If you feel like getting a workout while admiring the coastal scenery, bike out to Cisingtan Scenic Area. The route takes you along the Pacific Ocean to the quiet, black-rock beach of Cisingtan. There are several other small towns and beaches north and south of the city. Local favorites include Jici Beach for its surfing and Qixingtan Beach. Hualien is also known as the ideal gateway to gorgeous Taroko National Park. Hiking and cycling among the park’s incredible marble mountains, waterfalls and hot springs create a memorable trip. You can enjoy Hualien’s amazing sites by booking last minute deals to Taipei with connections to Hualien.

See Museums, Mountains and Markets with Business Class to Taichung

Book business class to Taoyuan for amazing Taichung vacations. - IFlyFirstClass

Considered Taiwan’s most livable city, Taichung City is a nice addition to any Taiwan itinerary. Located on the country’s west coast, Taichung is big and successful but welcoming. Many of the city’s museums are worth a spot on your “to-see” list, including the 921 Earthquake Museum. There are also several cultural sites to visit such as Fengjia Night Market and Taichung Station. While in town, you should also visit the Fantasy Story area of Taichung. It’s an eclectic and charming assortment of boutiques and cafes on Meicun Road. Taroko National Park is easily accessible from this West Coast city, as is Shei-pa National Park. Shei-Pa is known for its spectacular mountains, especially Syue and Dabajian mountains. To travel to captivating Taichung, book business class seats to Taoyuan International Airport.