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Egyptian Museum Abounds with Antiquities

Explore Egyptian antiquities with business class deals to Cairo. - IFlyFirstClass

Fascinating and awesome, the Egyptian Museum boasts the world’s largest collection of pharaonic antiquities. Located in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the museum collections showcase artifacts from prehistoric days to the Roman era. You’ll discover countless treasures among the museum’s 107 halls. The most notable items of the collection include:
- Tutankhamun’s Gold Mask,
- Statues of Khafre and Menkaure, 
- Faiyum portraits,
- The Merneptah stele and
- A figurine of Khufu.

Even the museum’s facade is impressive with its grand Neoclassical architecture. You’ll step into the museum and into a chronological story of 5,000 years of Egyptian history. Royal tomb displays are especially compelling, exhibiting objects from several pharaohs' tombs. These include artifacts from the burial sites of Tutankhamun, Hatshepsut and Amenophis II. Whether your business class deals to Cairo give you one day or two weeks in the city, make sure your trip includes a visit to the museum.

Find Inspiration in Coptic Cairo’s Hanging Church

Deals on business class flights to Cairo lead to the historic Hanging Church. - IFlyFirstClass

When your business class deals whisk you away to Cairo, one of your first excursions should be to Coptic Cairo. The ancient streets and buildings of Old Cairo are enticing, and the neighborhood’s church is its capstone. Al-Moallaqa, or the Hanging Church, was built above the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress with its nave suspended. For this reason, it is also sometimes referred to as the Suspended Church. 

Visitors relish the 7th-century church for its history, structure and symbolism, Its wooden roof resembles Noah’s ark. It contains a painting of the Virgin Mary that relates to the 10th-century miracle moving of Moqattam Mountain. Other captivating sights to be found in the church include:
- 110 icons, seven of which relate to St. John the Baptist’s life,
- A 5th-century pulpit and
- The chapel’s eastern wall fresco of the Nativity.

Medieval Egypt is Alive in Islamic Cairo

Business class deals to Cairo let you indulge in modern amenities so you can experience ancient history in Islamic Cairo. - IFlyFirstClass

Just as your business class deals carry you to modern Cairo, a visit to Islamic Cairo transports you to the city’s Medieval heritage. Located in the heart of Cairo, the ancient Islamic section is full of spectacular Fatimid sites. At the northern end of the old city walls is the Bab al-Futuh gate, an imposing structure with two towers and plenty of history. 

There are several notable mosques here that are worth a visit, including:
- Al-Hakim Mosque. Next to the Bab al-Futuh gate, this mosque is one of the city’s largest built during the Fatimid era in 990 C.E. 
- Al-Azhar Mosque. One of the city’s oldest mosques, Al-Azhar is also part of the oldest and biggest Islamic university in the world.
- Ibn Tulun Mosque. Built in the 9th century, Tulun has the oldest minaret in the country and a style that differs from the traditional Egyptian mosque.

The Citadel is the area’s most famous visitor site. It’s home to Mohammed Ali Mosque, a variety of traditional performances and several museums. 

Revel in Gezira Island Amenities

 The perfect luxury pairing: business class deals to Cairo and entertainment on Gezira Island.  Jump to top - IFlyFirstClass

After you’ve immersed yourself in Cairo’s rich history, it’s nice to indulge in a few modern amenities. One of the best places to enjoy these current-day treats is on Gezira Island in the middle of the Nile River. The island offers excellent dining and entertainment in the Zamalek district and several traveler hot spots. One of the most popular sites to visit in Gezira is Cairo Tower. The tower provides stellar views of the city, and you can often see as far as the pyramids from its heights. 

Art lovers find plenty to do in Gezira, with its abundant art galleries, museums and exhibits. The Museum of Islamic Ceramics is particularly appealing, located in a former royal palace. Other notable Gezira sites are:
- Gezira Centre for Modern Art,
- Akhenaten Centre of the Arts,
- Cairo Opera House,
- Gezira Golf Club and
-the Nile Maxim cruise ship.