Opulent palaces, gleaming temples and bronzed Buddhas make trips to Bangkok special. Call today to book cheap business class tickets.

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Live Like a King: Take a First Class Flight to the Grand Palace

 Deals on first class flights to Bangkok let you spend more time admiring the city’s Grand Palace. - IFlyFirstClass

Intricate details, vivid colors and unique spires make the Grand Palace one of the most recognizable structures in Bangkok. It’s also one of the most-visited sites for those traveling on business class flights to Bangkok. The palace was once the home of the kings of Siam and Thailand, and it was the seat of government. The palace is actually a beautifully designed complex consisting of several important buildings. The grand palace welcomes visitors through its main gate. The gate leads to the Outer Court where a variety of government departments operated. You’ll also see the stunning Wat Phra Kaew, or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The temple is considered to be one of Thailand’s most important temples. The centerpiece of the temple is the 15th-century Buddha carved from a single block of jade. Beyond the Outer Court, the grand Phimanchaisri Gate leads to the Central Court. There, the Phra Maha Monthien buildings are the most important because they housed the king. 

Lavish Yourself with Luxury: Tour Wat Suthat and Enjoy Business Class Flights

Your business class flight to Bangkok kicks off a stellar visit with sites like Wat Suthat. - IFlyFirstClass

Ornate and elaborate, Wat Suthat is a stunning sight and the highest grade royal temple. Its exterior is famous for an immense red swing. The swing is so prominent you may be able to see tf from your flight’s business class seats. The interior of the royal temple is equally magnificent. More than 150 Buddha images line the courtyard surrounding the main chapel. Four hand-carved gates stand sentry outside the temple. Inside, there are spectacular frescoes and a breathtaking 13th-century Buddha in gleaming bronze. The Buddha, Phra Si Sakayamun, is 26-feet tall, and its base holds the ashes of King Rama VIII. There are numerous Chinese sculptures, beautiful pagodas and intricate wood panel doors.

Book Your Business Class Tickets So You Can Visit the National Museum

Flying through time: comfy business class seats to Bangkok and tours of Bangkok National Museum - IFlyFirstClass

Your business class flight to Bangkok will take a full day. Luckily, you won’t have to travel much to enjoy all the city's top attractions once you're here. The gorgeous Bangkok National Museum is just a few blocks from the Grand Palace, in the Wang Na Palace. Its sensational collection of Thai artifacts and art is unsurpassed in the country. Give yourself at least a couple of hours to explore the museum. You’ll see Khon masks, a funeral chariot hall, Chinese weapons and gold artifacts. The museum also displays a fascinating exhibit on Thai prehistory as well as textiles. The museum exhibits are spread among the palace’s buildings. These buildings are captivating historic and architectural attractions in their own right.

Legendary Shopping and Business Class Flights are Universal Comforts

Save on cheap business class flights so you can spend in Bangkok’s modern malls - IFlyFirstClass

Although historic, Bangkok is also spectacularly cosmopolitan. This modern sensibility is especially evident in the city’s trendy shopping centers like MBK. MBK Center is an eight-story shopping haven in the center of town. With 2,000 stores, including a four-level Tokyu department store, there’s never a shortage of things to see. The center also hosts special events such as Thai culture workshops and special giveaways. If those 2,000 stores aren’t enough for you, the center is connected by elevated walkway to other malls. That makes the chic Siam Paragon and Siam Center just steps away. The Siam Paragon mall offers a touch of the familiar after a long last minute flight to Bangkok. It boasts many of the designer names famous in the States, including DKNY and Diesel.