Business Class to Sweden Reveals Treasures Big and Small

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Business Class Seats to Stockholm Are Delightful

Take business class flights to gorgeous Stockholm. - IFlyFirstClass

A visit to Sweden’s capital city should always include time in the colorful old town, Gamla Stan. There, you’ll walk along cobblestone streets to admire vividly painted medieval structures. The Royal Palace is here, a gorgeous baroque building with more than 600 rooms. It is one of the largest palaces in Europe, and it features many delightful tourism sites. The palace’s three museums are particularly appealing, offering insight into palace regalia, antiquities and history. Gamla Stan is also home to the Nobel Museum, the House of Nobility and Riddarholmen Church. Built in the 13th century, the church is a stunning medieval abbey and the resting place of monarchs. The city abounds with other fascinating sites and experiences outside of Gamla Stan too. Be sure to give yourself time to take a sightseeing boat. Browse through the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities. Tour Tullgarn Palace, Drottningholm Palace and Thiel Gallery. Bike through the city to experience its sights, sounds and people more personally. Take a day trip out to the Stockholm Archipelago to see ancient villages and lovely beaches. Stockholm Arlanda Airport is just 23 miles from Stockholm, so it’s easy to book business class deals to the city.

Relish Business Class Flights to Visit Koster Islands

Enjoy comfy business class seats to explore the Koster Islands. - IFlyFirstClass

On the western side of Sweden, the Koster Islands are a nice change from big-city travels. Quaint island villages showcase their fishing heritage with picturesque boats and waterfront delights. The Kosters consist of two islands. Cycling trails are especially captivating on the larger South Koster island. These cycling trails take you through magnificent countryside and along the coast for a relaxing ride. South Koster also features lively beaches, hiking trails and tasty cuisine. If you want to see old, scenic lighthouses and tranquil moors, head to North Koster. The islands are also the site of the country’s fascinating Marine National Park. It’s the perfect spot to snorkel, kayak and scuba dive to see protected sea life. One of the best features of the island getaway is that no cars are allowed on the islands. This feature gives you free rein to walk and cycle through the beautiful islands without dealing with motorized traffic. To get to the islands, book discounted business class tickets to Gothenburg. Once you’re in Gothenburg, it’s an easy ferry ride to the islands.

Business Class Deals Let You Revel in Gothenburg Attractions

Thrilling adventures await when you book last minute deals to Gothenburg’s Landvetter Airport. - IFlyFirstClass

Food lovers, history buffs and thrill seekers adore Gothenburg’s many attractions. You can spin, plummet and twirl to your heart’s content at Liseberg amusement park. Explore the rainforest, the ocean, technology and space at the popular Universeum. Marvel at Nordic artistry through the ages at Gothenburg Museum of Art. Stroll through an inviting 19th-century park at the Garden Society of Gothenburg. You’ll be glad for these bountiful activities when you begin sampling delectable local cuisine. With the sea providing much of the area’s food supply, fish is especially delicious here. Be sure to stop by Feskekôrka, Gothenburg’s so-called Fish Church. Feskekôrka is mostly a fish market, but the on-site restaurant is a great place to have a meal. Coffee and pastries are an excellent source of mid-day nourishment, especially in the city’s Haga district. The immense cinnamon buns at Haga’s Cafe Husaren are legendary. You can enjoy several day trips from Gothenburg as well. Marstrand is especially lovely, often called the Hollywood of Sweden. Aside from celebrity-watching in Marstrand, you can tour the 300-year-old Carlsten’s Fortress. To reach Gothenburg’s many attractions, find last minute business class deals to Landvetter Airport.

Go to Gotland with Discounted Business Class Tickets

Snag business class deals to Gotland via Visby Airport. - IFlyFirstClass

Sweden’s largest island, Gotland is an appealing and picturesque region. The island is so compelling, in fact, that it is one of the top holiday destinations for Swedish residents. You'll most likely begin your Gotland adventure in the luscious town of Visby. Visby is a beautifully preserved medieval village and world heritage site. You’ll find museums, charming cottages and inviting cafes here. While in Visby, be sure to spend some time exploring the ancient city wall, Ringmuren. Take a long lunch break in one of the many scrumptious restaurants. Live it up in the city’s many dynamic nightclubs. There are more things to see in Gotland than just Visby though. Visit Pippi Longstocking’s home in Vimmerby, and admire the Gotland Pony reserve on Lojsta Heath. Climb on the many limestone sea stacks and laze on the beach in Fårö. You’ll find plenty of discounted business class tickets to Visby Airport to ease your way to Gotland.