Experiencing Australia Is Worth a Business Class Flight

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Experiencing the Great Barrier Reef Is Worth a Business Class Flight

Create the trip of a lifetime by booking business class seats to snorkel or dive the Great Barrier Reef. - IFlyFirstClass

Incredibly diverse sea life and natural wonders are in store for those who visit the Great Barrier Reef. The largest reef system in the world is 1,400 miles long, giving you plenty of areas to explore. The reef is a recreation paradise, offering prime snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and sailing. You’ll see some of the reef’s 1,500 fish species, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, mass spawn and sea snakes. Semi-submersibles, glass-bottom boats and whale-watching tours also give you a peek at the reef’s sealife. The reef area is also home to 900 islands and some of Australia’s most scenic cities. Many of these islands offer stellar resorts, activities and natural attractions of their own. For the easiest access to the reef, book your discount business class tickets to Cairns.

Take a Business Class Flight to Walk the Mossman Gorge

First class flights, drives and walks make the trip to Mossman Gorge a delight. - IFlyFirstClass

Australia has a captivating array of local cultures dating back thousands of years. You can discover some of these cultural traditions and stories at Mossman Gorge’s Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk. The gorge is part of Daintree National Park, just 48 miles north of Cairns. In fact, if you book your business class seats to Cairns Airport, you can drive to the gorge. Along the way, you’ll travel on the spectacular Great Tropical Drive/Cook Highway and past some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. Once in the rainforest’s Mossman Gorge, the Dreamtime Walk highlights the Kuku Yalanji culture. You’ll see a traditional smoking ceremony, hear traditional legends and visit a sacred ceremonial site. You’ll also see traditional huts and discover how the local peoples used plants in daily life. 


Take a Business Class Seat to Spectacular Sunsets at Ayers Rock

 Last minute deals to Australia give you the perfect excuse to travel to Uluru. - IFlyFirstClass

While Australia teems with fabulous beach and rainforest views, it also boasts some of the most incredible bush scenery. The uniquely Australian Ayers Rock, or Uluru, is one such natural landmark. Its mammoth size and intense red color make Uluru visually stunning. Its importance to the Aboriginal culture is even more compelling. A visit to Uluru gives you a chance to learn about local customs while experiencing the natural landscape. Within the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, you can visit the fascinating cultural center or walk around the rock. You can also take a magnificent guided Mala Walk featuring Anangu culture, rock art and creation stories. Easy walks to the Mutitjulu waterhole are also available, as are experiences in the Valley of the Winds and Kata Tjuta dunes. Sunsets at the national park are especially spectacular. To get here, book your business class seats to Sydney, then take a connecting flight to Ayers Rock Airport.

Discount Business Class Tickets and the Coral Coast Are Delightful

 Luxurious adventures are in store when you book business class deals to the Coral Coast. - IFlyFirstClass

Budget plenty of time to fully enjoy Australia’s one-of-a-kind Coral Coast in Western Australia. The coastline stretches 683 miles, offering up some of the most exhilarating activities in the country. You can swim with whale sharks on the Ningaloo fringing reef and see exciting blow holes in Carnarvon. You can get up-close and friendly with the curious dolphins at Monkey Mia’s shoreline and enjoy a tranquil beach stay on Dirk Hartog Island. If you’re an adventure-seeker, the Coral Coast’s Kalbarri region may be the perfect spot for you. The region offers a bounty of adrenaline-inducing activities like rappelling, surfing and kayaking. It also sports one of the world’s most amazing wildflower displays. There are plentiful options for traveling to the Coral Coast. Select your business class deals for travel to Perth Airport. From Perth, you can find connecting flights to cities throughout the Coral Coast.