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Enjoy the Peace of Frankfurt Cathedral and a Cheap Last Minute Flight

 Hop on a business class flight to Frankfurt to enjoy sites like the gorgeous Frankfurt Cathedral. - IFlyFirstClass

While the beautiful red sandstone Gothic cathedral was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, it stands on ground that has been developed since the 7th century. The cathedral holds an important role in Europe’s history. Holy Roman emperors were elected here as Germany’s kings in the 14th century, and they were crowned here from the 16th to the 18th centuries. Frankfurt Cathedral, also known as St Bartholomew’s Cathedral, also holds some important and interesting pieces of art. German sculptor Hans Backoffen’s 16th-century Crucifixion sits beneath the cathedral’s tower, and a reproduction of it is situated on the eastern grounds of the cathedral. Vaulted ceilings and a picturesque tower create the perfect spot to enjoy local history and relax after a last minute business flight to Frankfurt.

Explore Frankfurt History at the Römerberg; Explore Frankfurt with a Last Minute Flight

Last minute business class flights to Frankfurt lead the way to fascinating sites like the Römerberg. - IFlyFirstClass

The Römerberg is probably one of the first places travelers visit after disembarking from their business class flights to Frankfurt. Located in the core of Frankfurt's Old Town, the square features some of the city's oldest buildings. Its importance dates back to the 9th century, when markets, festivals, coronations and executions were held here. The iconic Römer, or city hall, buildings are medieval structures erected in the 15th to 18th centuries. These include the Old Town Hall and the Imperial Hall. Along the east side of the square, you’ll find Frankfurt’s traditional frame houses. The square was also the site of a 1933 National Socialist, or Nazi, book burning. A plaque remembering this event is placed among the square’s cobblestones near the Fountain of Justice.


Revitalize After a Last Minute Flight with a Trip to the Palm Garden

: Relax after a business class flight to Europe in Frankfurt’s famous Palm Garden. - IFlyFirstClass

The country is known for its lush landscapes and well-tended gardens, and you can experience that passion in the renowned Palm Garden. The 54-acre site has offered a tranquil and stunning sanctuary to locals and weary travelers since 1871. Here, you’ll discover plants from around the world, and you’ll relish sub-tropical palms and plants in the glass-encased Palm House. The Palm Garden features an underwater aquarium, a Tropicarium and a Sub-Antarctic House. There are also waterfalls, cactus gardens, rhododendron gardens and more flowering plants than you can count. Frankfurt is filled with dozens of parks and greenspaces, but the Palm Garden, or Palmengarten, is a spectacular display of the city’s best. If you’re looking to decompress after a long, last minute flight to Frankfurt, this is the place to go.

Take a Last Minute Flight to Explore the Senckenberg Natural History Museum

 Leave your last minute flight ticket open-ended so you can spend more days exploring the Senckenberg. - IFlyFirstClass

Dinosaurs are the big draw at the Senckenberg. Its extensive dinosaur collection is the biggest display of large dinosaur remains in all of Europe. Reproductions of the massive creatures are also at the outdoor entrance to the museum. If you’re more of a bird person, you will enjoy the museum’s expansive stuffed bird exhibition, featuring more than 2,000 birds. The museum is the second largest natural history exhibition in the country, and it includes a wealth of other displays. Human mummies and preserved anacondas, komodo monitors and Japanese spider crabs are just a few things you can expect to discover at the museum. If you need to stretch your legs after your last minute flight to the city, head to the museum’s Geopark, where you’ll enjoy walking along the dinosaur tracks, geologic formations and flowering plants.